Stair railing ideas – beautiful designs from wood and metal

by Kremy

Stair railing ideas beautiful spiral staircase design interior staircase ideas

A quick and easy way to renovate the home is to update the railings of the stairs or get a modern stair runner. Sometimes the paint wears off or the new wall color suddenly does not fit to the color of the interior stairs? We give you some tips and show you inspiring stair railing ideas and color combinations for the staircase. Get inspired and renovate the entrance area. Depending on the stair length and area you need between a few hours and a weekend for your project.

staircase black railings modern home decoration ideas


Whether made of wood or metal, the process of renovation follows a few simple steps. The first step is to move away all furniture, carpets, statues and vases in close proximity with the staircase. Then cover the floor with protective cartons or paper sheets, tape them so that they would not move. Now you have to carefully remove the old paint or varnish, and wipe off the dust with a wet towel or cloth. Let the railing dry, for example, for one night, and the next day you can apply the new color.

modern stair railings ideas interior staircase design metal railings

The color or the stain finish would be different as per your interior colors and will depend on the effect that you want to achieve – do you want to make a centerpiece of your staircase or you want it to blend with the design? There are different stair railing ideas and you will see beautiful examples in the gallery below.

contemporary interior spiral staircase gray color living room

Many stairs railing ideas enhance the railings as a decorative element of the interior. Choosing the right color is, of course, a matter of taste but lately the trend shows that the railing color is an accent in the hallway. The more colorful, the better! Of course, this does not mean that you should choose a certain color only because it is fashionable. The color of the railings should be in harmony with the home decoration or wall shelves and create a seamless transition between the hallway and living area.

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Stair railing ideas wood railings interior staircase ideas

stair railing ideas wood metal design interior staircase design

stair railing ideas interior staircases wood metal blue color modern apartment

 railing interior staircase design wood steps

 railing ideas home decor ideas green color accent

Ombre railing white wall hallway decorting

modern railings interior staircase design gray sofa

 interior staircase desgn orange color

modern penthouse spiral staircase design railing bronze

home stairs metal railings spiral staircase ideas

metal stair railings black white interior design

metal stair color accent blue green red hallway decoration

metal railing blue color modern home staircase

metal yellow railings contrast color combination

interior staircase wood stairs wood railings pastel colors

white flooring railings modern home interior




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