How to measure a countertop – practical tips and ideas

How to measure a countertop kitchen design ideas

Installing a new countertop is an easy way to refresh and upgrade your kitchen and give it a new and modern look. When you plan your new kitchen design and the layout of the furniture, you have to remember that the counters are not only a decorative but a functional element of your kitchen so you need to know how to measure a countertop and DIY granite counter tops ideas are always of help.


How to measure a countertop – what are the important measures


How to measure a kitchen countertop make a drawing

When it comes to the question how to measure a countertop, the goal is to calculate the square footage (square cm) of the countertop that we shall need. Before starting work, it is recommended to make a drawing of the surfaces so that you can have a visual idea of the layout. The measures that you need to calculate the square footage (square cm) are length and depth. It is very important to determine the depth of the working area as it may differ depending where you want to install it – on top of the base cabinets or on a breakfast bar or kitchen island.


How to measure a countertop and calculate the square footage


how to take countertop measurements calculations

Many people do not know how to measure a countertop. Yes, there is some mathematics involved, but in general, you can have a fairly good idea with the help of measuring tape and a calculator.

practical tips calculations

The first step is to measure all the areas of the counters which are separated by sink, range, kitchen appliances or other features. In a corner section, separate the piece into two perpendicular sections

measure each section

Measure the length and depth and write them down in separate columns. Get all the measures of each section. Take into consideration the depth of the backsplash as well, as it will affect your measures.

section measures

Multiply the length by the depth to get the area of each section of counters. The result is square inches (square cm). Calculate the total of the area and divide that number by 144 to get the square feet (by 1000 to get square meters).



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