How to Tame Your Hair in High Humidity: How to Keep It Straight in Summer?

by Kremy

Is your frizzy hair driving you crazy in the summer? Are you looking for ways to tame it on vacation and at the beach? With a few tricks you can avoid the flyaway hairs.

It’s finally warm! With the rising temperatures, summer also brings moisture and frizzy hair. Especially when you’re on vacation, the higher humidity in hot countries leads to uncontrolled frizz. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending almost an hour styling your hair, only to find that it’s doubled in size in minutes. It’s good to know, though, that there are many ways to tame your hair for those days when we don’t want to deal with it.

Tamе Your Hair in High Humidity: How to Fight Frizz Effectively?

how to tame your hair in high humidity

For some women, high humidity may not be a big problem, but for those with dry or damaged hair, it can ruin hairstyling. Especially when we are on vacation we look for ways to keep our hair straight and look beautiful in the photos. We’ll show you a few effective tricks to tame your hair in high humidity.

Wash Your Hair with Cooler Water, Less Often

wash the hair with cool water to avoid frizz


If you wash your hair too often, you remove all of the natural oils from the hair and it no longer contains as much moisture. Therefore, it is important not to wash your hair more than every two days. Make sure you set the water temperature to the coldest level you can stand. This tightens the scalp, makes the hair shinier and easier to style, and seals the pores.

Dry Your Hair Properly

let the hair air dry

If you go out with wet hair when the humidity is high, you will end up with an overly frizzy hairstyle. To avoid frizz from, you should dry your hair properly and completely.

Invest in a microfiber hair towel and try to use it to remove as much water as possible from your wet hair.

The only way to keep your hair straight longer is to straighten it properly first, whether you use a hair dryer or flat iron to do so.

It is best to let your hair air dry at around 70-80% and then blow dry slowly and carefully in individual layers using a round brush and a strong blow dryer.

If you have curly hair, it is recommended to let your hair air dry completely. In this way you help the hair to retain its moisture and make it more resistant to high humidity.

Tame Your Hair in High Humidity: Blow-Dry with Cold Air

how to dry your hair properly so it is not frizzy

Finally, in order for your hair to stay straight longer in humid conditions, it is very important to blow dry it with cold air. After straightening your hair, take a large soft brush and blow dry your hair with cool air. This not only makes the hair softer and shinier, but also keeps it smooth for longer. The cold air helps minimize heat damage and prevent frizzy hair.

Apply Hairspray

fight frizz with hairspray

Any hairdresser will tell you that it is important to fix your hairstyle with hairspray. This is one of the best ways to combat frizz and tame your hair in humid weather.

Use a light hairspray and spray some on a comb or brush. Run it through your hair if it feels particularly frizzy.

Tie Your Hair in The Summer

tie your hair in a ponytail in summer to avoid frizz

The easiest way to tame your hair in high humidity is to tie it up. Styling it in a loose braid or bun will help prevent frizz, and it will also help keep hair away from your face and neck on particularly hot days.

Moisturize Hair Naturally

moisturize the hair regularly

In order to fight frizz properly and successfully, it is important to regularly moisturize the hair in summer. In addition to the moisturizing shampoo, you can also treat it with some natural remedies.

With Olive Oil

treat the hair with olive oil to moisturize it

Try a deep conditioner with olive oil, which can help fight frizz and flyaways. Use a tablespoon or two of warm olive oil and apply to the tips of your hair with a cotton ball. Wrap hair in a shower cap and wait 30 minutes. Shampoo hair to remove excess oil and continue conditioning as usual.

Coconut Milk and Lemon

hair treatment with coconut milk and lemon

Pour the coconut milk into a jar and wait a few hours for a thicker layer forms. Scoop off the cream layer with a spoon and add 3 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Add 3 drops of lavender, chamomile and burdock root oil. These essential oils smooth frizzy hair.

Leave the mixture in the fridge overnight and apply to hair the next day. Rub it particularly well into the roots and tips of the hair. Leave it on for no more than an hour and wash your hair with warm water and shampoo. To achieve the desired result, repeat this procedure 2-3 times a week.


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