The Idol Outfits Are Controversial BUT… Let’s Recreate Them!

by Gabby

Have you already seen the first episode of the newest HBO series – The Idol? It is featuring Lilly Rose Depp and the Weekend, which already predicts the enormous success of the series. If you have seen it already, you probably have a lot on your mind… Yes, it’s safe to say that The Idol caused a lot of controversies and people had many different opinions about it. But isn’t that the whole point? We all know the talent that Sam Levinson, who is the creator of Euphoria, another viral series that made a huge impact on trends. Both of the shows are quite similar in the setting itself, the outfits and the colorful lights. Today, we are going to discuss the outfits. How to recreate The Idol outfits?

The Idol Outfits: Summer Fashion Trends Dictated by The Newest HBO Series

the idol outfits hbo series lilly rose depp the weekend

So, let me give you some insides, what’s the series about… As you probably can guess from the name, it is about an American pop idol (Lilly Rose Depp) and her relationship with a guru and a cult leader Tedros (The Weekend). Jocelyn, played by Depp, is the singer who cancels her tour after a nervous breakdown. A little bit after that she connects with Tedros. Cults, pop idols, complicated relationships… That already sounds like something many would watch, right? But the outfits are what catches my attention at first. Let’s start with the first look! Jocelyn is wearing a sheer baby blue dress with spaghetti straps. I am going to disappoint you a bit, because the same dress made by Aya Muse is already sold out! However, you can find something similar online. Pair it with a black thong, silver mini bag and chunky high heels or boots!

The Idol Outfits HBO Series: The Iconic Red Robe

the idol hbo series outfit inspiration ideas lilly rose depp


This is one of the most iconic outfits presented so far in the series, but I am sure there are more that we are about to see! This is the first scene where Jocelyn is doing a photo shoot, wearing a long red robe with black lace. There are a lot of similar options that you can find on the Internet. Even if you are not a fan of the floor-length robes, you can find mid-length or something even shorter in the same color!

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satin red robe with black lace the idol lilly rose depp jocelyn outfit ideas

Lilly Rose Depp Best Look as Jocelyn

lilly rose depp best look as jocelyn the idol hbo series

Get ready to see a lot of sheer fabrics! If you want to know what is the best look of Lilly Rose Depp as Jocelyn, here it is! This dress doesn’t look like much at first glance, but when worn by Depp, we can all agree that it looks like a masterpiece. The sheer fabrics will be one of the top trends in the fashion world in 2023. This nylon-like material will be used from the designers to create pants, dresses, skirts, tops, etc. It is certainly for the bold ones out there!

The Idol: Lilly Rose Depp Outfits

the idol lilly rose depp outfits mini skirt summer fashion trends 2023 hbo series

All of Jocelyn (Depp) outfits are trying to represent her life as a pop idol. She was also chosen as the hottest one. That’s why what she is wearing can be seen as very provocative. As we already mentioned, the character had it rough and got a nervous breakdown, which portrays the life of a pop star. The mini skirt with the motifs is another inspirational piece of clothing that Depp is rocking.

The Idol: Lilly Rose Depp Sunglasses

the idol lilly rose depp sunglasses cat eye summer trends 2023

A lot of the looks in The Idol are inspired from the fashion styles in the 90s. The same goes for the accessories, including the Jocelyn cat eye glasses, which gained a huge popularity. I would definitely say that they are her staple, because you are going to see her a lot with them. With the trends coming back from the past, you can find similar models of the sunglasses made by different brands.

cateye 90s glasses summer fashion trends 2023

Abel Tesfaye The Weekend x HBO Series The Idol

the idol abel tesfaye the weekend summer fashion trends 2023

Abel Tesfaye (The Weekend) is making his first appearance in a TV series. His style will be also iconic for the show and it is 90s-inspired as well. In this photo you see the typical jackets that we were seeing back in the day. Depp is wearing a corset top that looks amazing on her and of course, her cat eye glasses.

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