Willow Smith’s New Beaded Cornrows Are All Over the Internet and Here’s Why…

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Is there a person that doesn’t know the “I whip my hair back and front, I whip my hair back and front!”? I am pretty sure that you are all familiar with this Willow Smith’s song. Today, her hair is another viral topic, but not because of the song! She made an appearance rocking her new beaded cornrows and we are very excited to share them with you. Not only that, but many more Summer hairstyles inspired by her. Now, let’s talk about Willow Smith’s new beaded cornrows!

Willow Smith’s New Beaded Cornrows: Edgy, Inspirational, Stylish

willow smith new beaded cornrows summer hairstyle inspiration 2023

Credits: willowsmith

After shaving her head and looking stunning like her mom, Willow Smith has taken a different turn and adapted a new hairstyle that quite reminds us of when she was little and creating her viral song. There are different reasons behind the shaving of her hair, and we are not going to talk about them now. However, I want to inspire you all to take the plunge and do something bold for this Summer. This type of hairstyle was made by the Los Angeles famous hairstylist – Erinn Courtney.

willow smith beaded cornrows braids 2023 summer hairstyle inspo 2023


Now, let’s talk about a little bit about history. These beaded cornrows are originally named Fulani braids and they originated in Africa by the Fulani people. You can easily distinguish the hairstyle by the many beads and shells. This style demonstrates strength, independence and beauty and it has been known for centuries. It is a true inspiration for black women! That’s why we see a lot of celebrities such as Rihanna, Alicia Keys, and Zendaya rocking them as well.

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How to Make Beaded Braids at Home? Tutorial for Beginners!

The beaded braids are the perfect hairstyle for Summer 2023. It is fun, easy to maintain and it turns out you can even do it at home. Forget what people say, because we don’t consider it childish anymore! This video will show you the 4 ways to make knotless beaded braids at home. You can choose the beads according to your style and the outfits that you are planning to wear this Summer! Don’t hesitate to get creative and find, which one suits your style best. What you are going to need is: a beader, beads, a hairpin and a crochet needle. Choose a method that is the easiest for you and be the first to try it out! Now, let’s check out some other hairstyles inspired from Willow Smith!

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Willow Smith Bob Haircut

willow smith bob haircut trends 2023 short hairstyle ideas

Willow Smith has shown us that she is definitely bold when it comes to style and haircuts. The French bob is one of the top choices that she has made recently and we are in love with it! This cut started to become popular back in 2022 and continues to be worn by many it-girls and fashion icons. In combination with a trendy outfit, you can run the world (who run the world? GIRLS!). What is a French bob cut you may ask? The hairstyle usually reaches the chin or it might go shorter. Bangs are optional, however if you want to fully adapt the style, we highly recommend it!

Willow Smith Cornrows

willow smith braids cornrows ideas for summer hairstyles 2023

If you are not a fan of the beaded cornrows, you can adapt a different version of the hairstyle without the beads. Willow Smith has proven that they are easy to style and customize to your preferences. The cornrows shown on the picture are undoubtedly extravagant, however in 2023, fashion stylist and hair experts advise us to be courageous and bold with our choices. Smith is truly inspirational for women of color with her exceptional style.

Buzz Cut Afro Twist Women Hairstyle

girl buzz cut afro twist willow smith bob hairstyle 2023

Are you ready to become more edgy and fashionable? Then you have to think about try out this buzz cut Afro twist, which is absolutely stunning. This reminds me of my Emo years, when this dark grungy makeup was everything that I would wear. This is another one of Smith’s moments, when she showed us that a trendy haircut can change everything! If your personal style is something close to hers, then this can be one of the haircuts to try out this Summer 2023! If you have a round face, I would recommend avoiding this cut.

Women Dreadlocks 2023

women dreadlocks willow smith african american women of color hairstyle ideas 2023

Smith has shown us that she does not care about what society thinks and she loves to prove that with her hairstyles and fashion choices. She is truly rebellious and she is always THE MOMENT! Dreadlocks are not for everyone, but they are proven to help with environmental stress that your hair might be exposed to. Not only that, adapting dreadlocks is often related to making a statement and is tied to historical moments.

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