These Are the Top Bathroom Design Trends This Year

by Kremy

Every bathroom should be an oasis, a place to hide from the problems of the world, even if just for a short time. Irrespective of the bathroom size, there’s always something to work with and just a tiny change can improve the look and feel. To ensure your space is not just a retreat, but also the envy of your neighbors, consider the following bathroom design trends that are becoming all the rage right now.

Top Bathroom Design Trends – Go organic

These Are the Top Bathroom Design Trends This Year natural materials

Design experts recommend giving bathrooms a spa-like vibe to make the interior feel as relaxing as possible. This means bringing in natural elements like bathroom vanities made from wood, a terra cotta floor, and plants that don’t mind the damp and dark. The feeling of bringing the outside in provides the feeling of warmth and is much nicer on the eye. Bamboo, ferns, and peace lilies are all fantastic plants for the bathroom.

Shelves and closet space

elegant design wood stone open shelves


As we mentioned earlier, adding a spa-like vibe to your bathroom helps with the atmosphere and emotion, and this means elegance in every aspect. Have you ever seen a spa with clutter everywhere and a general untidy look? Well, maybe you have, but that’s not what the spa feeling should be. Shelves and closets, especially bathroom vanities, really help to hide away everything unsightly. This means toilet paper, shampoo and conditioner bottles, razors, and so on.

Top Design Trends bathroom decor ideas

For small bathrooms, especially, there are more fantastic ideas to help make use of less space but still have a neater overall look. These include things like smaller faucets and concealed thermostats, which aid in making the bathroom feel wider.

Faucets and shower heads with a matte black finish

Faucets and shower heads with a matte black finish

Chrome and brass bathroom fixtures have been seen from Toronto to Tampa Bay in the last few decades, but if you want your bathroom to have a fresher feeling, then choose a matte black finish. There’s something truly striking about black faucets set against a marble white basin, plus, do we need to mention how much cleaner these look? Stains and fingerprints stick out on chrome and brass faucets, so enjoy the bonus of less unappealing marks on your brand-new faucets or shower heads.

Big, cold, and colorful

accent wall in bathroom Top Design Trends

Imagine walking into your bathroom and marveling at how different it is from the rest of your house. Perhaps more so than the living room, kitchen, or bedroom, the bathroom allows you to take bolder and braver selections when it comes to your design. Terms like ‘maximalist interior design’ are proving to be far more popular than anything minimalist.

Whether it’s bright green paint, pink floral print wallpaper, a navy-blue basin or bathtub, having some fun and playfulness with your bathroom colour scheme is the key to enjoying more time in it. Colored ceramics and weird, wonderful tiles are trending for good reason, so don’t be scared to be different when it comes to your bathroom colors.

Statement towels

fluffy towels bathroom design and decorating ideas

It’s strange to think that some people spend thousands of dollars and countless hours perfecting the design of their bathroom, only to then hang up the cheapest, most horrible towels on the planet. Towels are a part of the design, believe it or not, and should match the overall décor of the room.

Regardless of whether you want plain white to offset the flamboyant walls or tiles, or if you would like a pop of bright color contrasting from your white walls, make the change with a 100% cotton statement towel. The idea of statement towels also extends to that of bathroom rugs and mats, as these can often be the missing piece of the interior design puzzle.

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