Trendy Layered Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair for Every Face Shape

by Kristiyana

Which layered cut is best for thick hair? Is a layered bob good for thick hair? How to find the perfect one that suits my face shape?

layered choppy lob for thick hair for every face shape

This might come as a shock to some, but a short layered hairstyle can actually do wonders for women with thick hair! Incorporating a layering technique into a shorter new haircut, can remove unnecessary hair bulk, make you feel lighter, and give your hair a fresh, energetic look! And nothing says chic and trendy short hair like a layered bob! But which one would flatter your personal face shape the most? Find out now!

Trendy Layered Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair for Every Face Shape

how to find your face shape chart free to download

Not everyone might be familiar with the exact shape of their face, so to make it easier for you when choosing a trendy layered bob for thick hair, simply compare your face in the mirror to the ones in the provided chart above. You can even download this image for free and look at it whenever you need to on your phone. Likewise, getting the perfect layered bob for your thick hair is the best way to take advantage of having a naturally full and voluminous mane! Here are the best and most stylish layered bobs for thick hair based on every face shape.

Trendy Inverted Bob with Choppy Layers for Thick Hair & Round Face Shape

trendy layered bob for thick hair and round face

Which trendy layered bob would flatter a woman with thick hair and a round face shape? Try a stylish angled bob with choppy layers! A textured cut with side bangs like this one can nicely shape rounder facial features. The angle of the inverted choppy bob hugs the face, hides some of its chubbiness, and complements its rounder features.

Long Layered Bob with Deep Side Part for Thick Hair & Diamond Face

long layered bob for thick hair and diamond face

Why not add a deep side parting style to a long layered bob if you have a diamond face shape? The lob is a very feminine and modern cut that would greatly benefit from a side part. Plus, this style helps to conceal wider cheekbones and a narrow forehead, and draws attentions to your eyes instead.

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Short Bubble Bob with Soft Layers for Thick Hair to Flatter Oval Faces

trendy layered bob for heart and oval face

Before moving forward, I should quickly add that girls with an oval face shape come to be the luckiest when it comes to hairstyles! An oval face looks universally flattering when it comes to any haircut, so you don’t have to be too couscous when wondering if you should get a new cut. Yet, a bubble bob with some soft layers will nicely flatter your silhouette. Heart shaped faces can also benefit from this cut!

Trendy Layered Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair & Triangular Face Shape

perfect bob for thick hair glasses triangular face shape

A shorter hairstyle usually helps to avoid elongating a face, making a trendy bob a great fit for a triangular face shape. To soften the chin area, an addition of soft, chic layers would do just the trick. This haircut also looks very well with glasses, so don’t be afraid to wear yours whenever you need to.

Short choppy bob with side bangs for thick hair & square or round faces

low maintenance bob haircuts for thick hair with layers for round face

Bouncy, short bob with long face-framing bangs for a heart-shaped face

trendy bouncy short bob for thick hair and heart shaped face

Choppy layers & light highlights to flatter an angular face & thick hair

layered bob for thick hair and angular face shape

Which layered bob with bangs will flatter a diamond face shape? 

the perfect layered bob for thick hair and a diamond face shape

Elegant layered shoulder-length bob for thick hair & triangular face

shoulder length layered bob for tringular face shape

Chic short piece-y layered bob for women with thick hair & heart-shaped face

short piece y layered bob for heart shaped face

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