U-shaped haircut with curtain bangs: Trendy and chic combination worth trying in 2023!

by Anjelina

As women, we are always interested in the way we look, constantly looking for new fashion ideas to better express ourselves and style. The thing that unites us all is our desire to have beautiful, voluminous hair that everyone turns to! Luckily, hairdressers have many tricks to make even the thinnest hair look stunningly good! One of the best hits and ways to achieve the desired results is the U-shaped haircut, which has become very popular in recent years! In today’s article, we will take a closer look at the U-shaped haircut with curtain bangs combination, which is extremely trendy and catches the eye of every passerby!

What is the U-shaped haircut, and who is it for?


In recent years, older trends have returned. The U-shaped haircut is just that! As you can guess from the name, this is shaping the hair so that when viewed from the back it has the shape of the letter U. The front part around the face is the shortest and the middle in the back is the longest, but unlike a V-shaped haircut where we have a much sharper angle, with the U-shaped the hair smoothly goes from short to long. The advantages of this haircut are extremely many. It adds depth, texture, creates a lot of movement and volume to the hair at the same time. It’s no coincidence that social networks were literally flooded with photos of beauties who opted for this hairstyle! And the best thing is that it goes on all hair types and on any face shape.

What exactly are curtain bangs?

curtain bangs medium length dark hair wavy


In the fashion world, trends come back again and again, as we have already mentioned to you. Curtain bangs are no exception. They were so fashionable in the 60s and 70s! These days we have witnessed many people from all over the world who can’t resist the charm of this type of bangs and decide to cut theirs that way too. What are curtain bangs anyway? The simplest explanation is the following: the bangs are split down the middle into two, with each half swept to each side. Apart from looking extremely cute and going on everyone, they are also one of the easiest types of bangs to maintain because they simply don’t require daily effort with a flat iron or other hair tools. They are great just as they are without much styling!

Is the U-shaped haircut with curtain bangs a good combination?

elegant and chic look dark hair color long hair

The shortest answer to this question is yes! Let’s find out why! To begin with, both the U-shaped haircut and the curtain bangs are two classics that have proven over the years to look good on everyone and to be preferred by many women around the world! The second reason is that the combination is more than stunning, and the positives of it are several. The bangs along with the locks of hair that are past the face frame it in a gorgeous way so that your best features stand out. Your eyes, cheekbones and lips will be the center of attention and highlighted in the best way. The other advantage is that the bangs blend almost perfectly with the rest of the hair. It is as if they were made just for this hairstyle! In the following lines, we will look at some hairstyling ideas!

Styling ideas and inspiration

curled curtain bangs natural hair color hairstyling

If you’re still not sure if thе combination of U-shaped haircut and curtain bangs is for you, we’ll help you find out! We’ve put together a few inspiring looks worth your attention! Warning: You’ll most likely book a hair appointment as soon as they’re over!

Straighten your hair for a stunning look

long blonde straight hair in layers and curtain bangs

Is there a woman who is not tempted to straighten her hair? Probably not! The fresh combination of a U-shaped layered hairstyle and long curtain bangs looks stunning when straightened, while the layers stand out from each other with a slight curl. There’s no reason to deprive yourself of straightening your hair if it’s not naturally straight. With the right products to keep it safe, it’ll be just as shiny and healthy as usual! Just don’t forget your heat protectant spray!

Fabulous curls never go out of fashion

cute hairstyle idea for women beautiful curls fringe layers

Curling your hair will never go out of style. In fact, for centuries women have been coming up with all sorts of methods to make beautiful curls that last at least a day or two. And nowadays, there are many ways to achieve them! We won’t go into unnecessary detail, we are sure you are pretty familiar with them. It’s up to you to decide how to curl your hair! The important thing is that your U-shaped haircut paired with curtain bangs will look absolutely amazing! You’ll feel good knowing you have the perfect hairstyle. And if you curl the bangs a bit too, you’ll end up with a really feminine, sweet and romantic look!

More gorgeous looks and ideas

beautiful romantic look cute and messy hairstyle medium length hair

U-shaped haircut with long curtain bangs

u-shaped haircut with curtain bangs dark brown hair

Beautiful long blonde hair 

a girl with long blonde wavy hair in layers smiling

Long walnut brown hair 

long wavy hair with a fringe chestnut hair color

U-shaped curly hair – romantic look

cute u-shaped haircut with curtain bangs curly hair with layers

Curly long black hair with curtain bangs

black hair color curly long hair with layers

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