New Years Eve outfit ideas: How to look trendy on the last day of 2022?

by Gabby

The countdown has already started as 2022 is almost gone now. It was for sure a great year with a mixture of good and bad emotions. But we need to celebrate it and say goodbye to it the right way! How to do so you may ask? Of course, we have to go to a New Year’s Eve party! But what can you wear, so you look absolutely chic and trendy? There are a few New Year’s Eve outfit ideas that I have selected for you to try out! Keep on reading to learn about the current fashion trends!

New Year’s Eve outfit ideas: How to look stunning on the last night of 2022?

new years eve outfit ideas 2022 sparkle sequins dress how to be trendy and in style inspiration

When it comes to New Year’s Eve, we all know that it is all about the sparkles and look extra shiny. This year’s outfit trends are just perfectly aligned with this idea. We see a lot of feathers, rhinestones, sequins, and pearls. When choosing the perfect outfit for the 31st of December, you should think where are you going to celebrate. Are you going to be in a club? Or maybe this time you choose an indoor party? Some people even choose to celebrate outside on the square counting down the last seconds of the year. You can look trendy no matter where you are going to celebrate. There are so many options to choose from. Keep in mind that also some parties have a dress code. So, if you don’t want to show to a black and white party, wearing pink, ask in advance. However, today we are diving into the beautiful New Year’s Eve outfit ideas and trends you can adapt!

Wear feathers to look chic and feminine!

kendall jenner feathers dress long and black new years eve party outfit ideas how to look chic


Feathers are without a doubt, a trend that we all loved this year. Why not send 2022 looking absolutely chic and trendy? You can try wearing a short black dress with black feathers, just like our fashion queen miss Kendall Jenner. If you think you need something more elegant, you can try the same dress, but in a long version. Both of the models are amazing, and you will not regret it! If you think you are going to be cold, you can throw on a blazer or wear it with closed heels.

Shiny dress with a faux fur coat

shiny dress faux fur coat diamonds mini bag and heels how to look trendy on new years eve what to wear

Credits: antoinettepepe

What to wear on New Year’s Eve? Well, you should definitely wear something shiny! Now it’s the time to experiment a little bit and mix different textures and materials. You can wear a long shiny dress with a faux fur coat. These coats gained a lot of popularity recently, as we saw them on many fashion shows. It is giving me a lot of Marilyn Monroe vibes and it is so chic. You can match the dress with shiny heels, and a mini shiny bag.

black mini dress faux fur coat trendy styles outfit inspirations and ideas

Can I wear black on New Year’s Eve?

If you are wondering if you should wear black on New Year’s Eve the answer is here! Not only that you can wear it, but you are going to look totally trendy and in style. Don’t forget that a black mini dress is always a good idea. If you want to wear black, but still look shiny enough for New Year’s Even, you can add rhinestones, or wear a black sequins dress. Black is the color that never goes out of style and will always look classy. If you are going to a business New Year’s Eve party, you can just add a simple white shirt under your dress. The shiny heels are a must!

mini black dress with rhinestones white shirt shiny heels with a ribbon new years eve party outfit ideas trends


Credits: valerieyordanova

How to wear velvet?

velvet blazer in blue and green dress to wear for the holidays new years eve party outfit

Velvet is the fabric that will give you this royal feeling. It is very elegant, and it is one of the biggest trends for 2022/2023. The velvet blazer became very famous on the internet. Everybody was in a hurry to buy one of these gorgeous pieces. You can even wear it as a dress, if you are feeling bold enough. The emerald green is the perfect color to wear on New Year’s Eve. You can match your green velvet dress with nude high heels, or with black ones.

New Year’s Eve outfit ideas: Sequins are back in style!

sequins blazer trendy style new years eve outfit ideas for a party black color chic

How to wear sequins at a New Year’s Eve party? You can wear a dress, blazer, pants, or even sequin boots and you will look stunning! There are many ways to style sequins without them looking tacky on you. Sequin blazer with black pants is one of my favorite look for this year’s holidays. You can find a lot of fashion inspiration on how to wear sequins, since it is very trendy at the moment.

What to wear on New Year’s Eve if you are celebrating outside?

what to wear on new years eve if you are celebrating outside cold weather coat magenta color of the year

If you are planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve outside, the first thing you have to think about is the cold. Of course, it will not be possible to go celebrate in a cute mini dress and a blazer because it is going to be freezing. But do you have to wear your regular winter jacket or a coat? Why not wear something that will keep you warm and that is fashionable for New Year’s Eve? You can wear a colorful polo sweater with a coat in the color of year 2023 Viva Magenta. You can also wear something in hot pink, or purple. Break that rule that winter is for darker colors!

Other New Year’s Eve outfit ideas

new years eve party ideas outfit inspiration and trends to follow how to look stunning fashionable

Rhinestones and black pants

rhinestone bra with black pants very chic party outfit how to look trendy

How to look simple but chic like Hailey Bieber?

hailey bieber party outfit inspiration ideas simple but chic black heels pants and a bra hairbun trendy

Velvet matching set with rhinestones 

velvet matching set with rhinestones and sequins mini bag all black trendy outfit inspiration

Hot pink feathers for a New Year’s in Paris 

hot pink feathers zara blazer rhinestones mini bag in black pink shoes trendy party outfit

Black silk dress with sequins

zara black silk dress with sequins fashion inspiration ideas trends how to be in style for new years eve

Feathers on a black mini dress 

black mini dress with feathers boots simple chic outfit for a party new years eve inspiration

Hot pink dress with long leather boots 

hot pink dress for a party with long leather boots very chic stunning be trendy for new years

What to wear for a party like Kendall Jenner?

kendall jenner party outfit ideas inspiration on how to look trendy nude and rhinestones with high heels

Sequin pants with a mini shiny bag 

sequin pants black blazer crop top shiny mini bag party outfit what to wear on new years eve

Wear purple sequins on New Year’s Eve!

purple sequins dress silver boots shiny party outfit very cute and trendy how to look in style this holiday

Sequins jumpsuit and red lipstick

new years eve outfit ideas trends sequins party dress how to look trendy explore different styles


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