Valentine’s Day outfits: The ideas that you are going to fell IN LOVE with!

by Gabby

Ladies, the time to eat a lot of chocolate and drink A LOT of wine has come! Whether you have a significant other, or you are single, it does not really matter! You have to put on a sexy outfit and make everyone turn their heads as you walk by. If you are not alone on Valentin’s day, then you will have to dress to impress your loved one and make them fall in love with you even more (if that is possible). Are there any rules when dressing for this occasion? Well, you probably already know that I don’t like rules in fashion. However, there are plenty of really cool trends that we might adapt on the 14th of February! What are the best Valentine’s Day outfits to try out this year? I will give you my suggestions today!

Valentine’s Day outfits: Let’s dress to impress!

what to wear on the 14th of February ideas inspirations pink dress the day of love valentine's day outfits

Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner or going out with your girlfriends, it’s always fun to choose what you’re going to wear for the date. The Valentine’s Day outfits should be feminine, stylish, and most of all, show a part of your personality. So bring out the red lipstick, pink or nude, because it’s time to have some fun! Today we have prepared a few outfit options for you, which have been selected depending on how you decided to spend the evening and which are the most fashionable trends for Valentine’s Day 2023. Let’s check them out!

Cute Valentine’s Day outfits

pink outfit boots tshirt and skirt inspiration for valentines day cute trendy 2023


Being cute on this day is always a good idea! If you’re that “girly girl” type, this outfit will reflect your personality wonderfully and make you feel great. When is sweet too sweet? On Valentine’s Day, you can’t go too overboard with either the hearts or the pink color. Put on some hot pink boots and you will have the perfect Barbiecore outfit. If you don’t know already, this trend is going to be huge in 2023, since the Barbie movie with Margot Robbie is coming out soon. If you are feeling bold enough, try to wear a headband with hearts as an accessory. You can write “cuteness overload” to your Instagram picture and thank me later.

long black dress with rhinestones valentine's day outfits inspiration fashion 2023

What should I wear on Valentine’s Day?

What to wear on Valentine’s Day depends entirely on your mood and what your fashion preferences are. Of course, you can always wear the classic red, pink and white, or be more daring this year and combine all three colors. If you want something sexier, lace outfits that are lingerie type are also very trendy in 2023. You’ll look great if you choose something in black. I mean a long black dress or a mini one, is always a good idea! With this “femme fatale” vibe, you will collect all the compliments. If you have a date planned with your loved one, make sure you dress appropriately for the occasion. You can even wear something casual, if you have planned some activity instead of a dinner.

femme fatale valentine's day outfits ideas inspiration black lace

Monochrome outfit

pink monochrome outfit ideas fashion trends 2023


You want something trendy and elegant for Valentine’s Day? Then you should definitely try to wear a monochrome outfit. What does it mean? It is simple, you have to dress in one color. You can match different tones of the color as well. If you choose to wear pink, the romantic look is guaranteed. If you want something a little but more dramatic, I would recommend to match bubble gum pink with hot pink. Also, with monochrome outfits, you can mix and match the different fabrics of the clothes. These types of outfits are perfect for the winter. They allow you to wear layers, without them looking tacky.

Valentine’s Day outfits: The classic red

long red satin dress valentines day outfit ideas trends 2023

Credits: yoannapetrova

On Valentine’s Day, we always imagine the perfect date – a romantic dinner, lots of candles, roses everywhere, the smell of fragrant wine and fine chocolate. It really can make any woman melt. What is the most appropriate outfit for such a date? A red dress would be the timeless classic for this occasion. If I have to be even more specific, let me tell you that a long satin red dress will definitely make you feel like a queen. For this outfit, the perfect addition would be red lipstick and nude shoes to let the dress stand out. Are you feeling inspired yet?

Valentine outfits for ladies

for love and lemons x revolve bustier gown rust dress valentines day outfits

If you want to feel like a true elegant lady, then you should try wearing a dress like that. My girlies and I from Deavita team, made an independent research and found what were the most searched brands and dresses for this year’s Valentine’s Day. One of the choices, is this dress from the For Love and Lemons x Revolve collection that we absolutely felt in love with. The color is not the typical for the 14th, however this year is for fashion experiments. I adore the burnt rust shade and the bustier on this dress is just stunning. It has the lace, it has the ruffles, it is everything you want and more!

Other Valentine’s Day outfits

backless red dress with a huge bow on the back valentine's day outfits

Wear an animal print top and match it with your heels!

animal print bustier purple heels outfit inspiration

Hot pink monochrome outfit 

hot pink monochrome outfit ideas inspiration casual style 2023

Green velvet suit: Valentine’s Day outfit idea

green velvet suit royal style luxury outfit inspiration 2023

Try wearing tulle gloves for a romantic look!

tulle gloves royal blue romantic evening outfit ideas

Emily in Paris inspired outfit 

emily in paris inspired outfit valentines day

Party outfit for Valentine’s Day

black party outfit feathers top rhinestone mini bag blazer

For Love and Lemons – Wylye cream dress

for love and lemons white mini dress wylye cream valentines day outfits

Match a bow with your dress for a cute look!

hair bow accessory match it with your dress 2023 ideas for outfits

Casual look for Valentine’s Day

casual outfit ideas purple cardigan with black shorts boots and mini bag

Red monochrome outfit 

red monochrome valentine's day outfits ideas fashion style 2023 inspiration trends


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