Unusual kitchen islands – unique designs to express your individuality

by Kremy

Unusual kitchen islands are an immediate focal point in any interior. Yes, we are all used to the standard square or rectangle shapes which are, of course, dictated by practicality. There is no doubt, however, that deviating from standards is much more intriguing. Kitchen islands in the shape of a circle, oval, rhombus or with bizarre and unexpected shapes are interior items that will amaze everyone!

Unusual kitchen islands – how to express your individuality?

unique ultra modern kitchen island design ideas

Kitchen furniture should be practical and functional. There is nothing wrong with that but the usual interior will not impress anyone. Original ideas are appearing and combine functionality, creativity and visual appeal. The kitchen is not only a place for culinary experiments and like any other room, it deserves a unique design, maybe even more than others, because it is the heart of the house, which unites the family.

amazing kitchen island designs with unusual shape


Did you think that unusual kitchen islands can be amazing and even brilliant? Designers come up with eco-furniture, introduce smart technologies and a variety of innovative, even futuristic shapes, materials and finishes. This is a whole new direction in creating home interiors – unusual kitchens. Such projects rarely appear as mass production as they are made individually and meet the requirements and of the homeowners. Choosing an unusual kitchen island is a purely subjective thing. Everyone invests something in this concept.

unusual kitchen island ideas designers furniture modern home

Unexpected and rarely used shapes of kitchen islands often feature bold lines and can be made in the form of a specific item that is not related to furniture – boat, polygonal shapes, curves, etc. Modern, high-tech kitchens are easily recognized by their unusual design, original materials and, of course, by their unique ergonomics. The dominance of straight clear lines, the minimum number of decorative elements, the colors and finishes are impressive.

Exceptional kitchen islands with unusual appearance

modern metalic kitchen island with unusual shape contemporary home furntiure

What will make your kitchen visually interesting and original? The furniture, of course. Despite the fact that we are focusing your attention on unusual kitchen islands, the non-standard shape does not mean lack of functionality. Creative design can be practical and moreover, it should be like that. Designers and manufacturers offer incredible solutions for comfortable and beautiful kitchen furniture. They come up with exceptional and innovative designs from high quality materials and experiment with shape and size. The extravagant projects in the gallery below are the proof that a kitchen island with an unexpected shape can be a spectacular focal point and there is no need to compromise and sacrifice practicality for the sake of beauty and visual appeal.



unusual kitchen island ideas unique furniture designs

unusual kitchen island design ideas wood and concrete

unique unusual kitchen island ideas minimalist kitchen design

contemporary home design unique modern kitchen with polygonal island

ultra modern kitchen island design ideas with unusual shapes

original round kitchen island with seating

creative furniture ideas modern unusual kitchen island design

modern kitchen with unusual kitchen island

minimalist kitchen design unique island with geometric shape

kitchen islands with unusual shapes original furniture ideas

kitchen island design ideas contemporary minimalist home interiors

kitchen furniture ideas unique island design ideas

home design ideas kitchen furniture unique kitchen island design

futuristic kitchen island design minimalist interior

Exceptional kitchen islands with unusual appearance

exceptional kitchen island design ideas modern home interiors

contemporary kitchen with unique kitchen island design

contemporary kitchen island with pull out dining table





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