How to choose a chandelier and create a harmonious interior?

by Kremy

How to choose a chandelier? We have some professional advice for you as the choice of lighting fixtures for various interiors should be done individually and depending on the characteristics of the room. Lighting plays an important role in the life of every person. It creates a special atmosphere and is able to change the interior dramatically. The fact that light works miracles is an indisputable. Light is able to awaken a lot of positive emotions and feelings. The magical properties of light have long been appreciated by designers and light is always one of the most important elements in interior design. Natural or artificial light can change the visual perception of space and you can make any environment sparkle with new colors. One of the main tools for such a wonderful transformation can be a chandelier. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right chandelier so that your living room, bedroom, kitchen or hallway will transform in a fabulous way.

How to choose a chandelier from the wide variety of styles?

family room design with amazing cascading chandelier

The market offers a huge selection of chandeliers of different styles and types. So, if you wish, you can pick up classic suspended models, beautifully decorated with wrought iron or crystal or elegant ceiling-mounted options in modern style. Many manufacturers offer original models with remote control, as well as light fixtures made from environmentally friendly materials.

A chandelier is a ceiling lamp that gives shadowless general lighting. The entire huge range of chandeliers can be divided into two types according to the installation method:

  • Suspended – mounted on a chain or spring. Such models look gorgeous and become the center of the room, since it is difficult not to notice their beauty;
  • Ceiling mounted models which take up a minimum of space and can be represented as very simple options, as well as unique ones.

How to choose a chandelier and create a harmonious interior


The choice of the type of chandelier depends not so much on your own preferences, but on the parameters of the room and, first of all, the ceiling height.

In terms of design and materials, chandeliers also differ significantly. When choosing a chandelier, most of us primarily consider the material. It determines the style and its basic performance, as well as price. Among the most popular options are:

modern living room with oversized chandelier

Glass and crystal chandeliers – they are very sophisticated and at the same time fragile products. A crystal chandelier with many pendants and decorative elements can become a real focal point in the room. Crystal elements give chandeliers a special beauty and genuine splendor. In addition, crystal creates a bewitching optical effect because the light is refracted and scattered in the interior with many highlights and reflections. Spectacular chandeliers were used to decorate classic interiors but today crystal chandeliers are also used in modern styles. A crystal chandelier is the perfect choice when you want to create an atmosphere of restrained luxury. Glass is the most common material for chandeliers. Glass chandeliers amaze the imagination. They can resemble Christmas balls, have a bizarre ornate shape or can be in either classical or minimalist style. The key characteristics of glass are high light transmission, accurate color reproduction, and durability. By its qualities, glass is much more attractive than various plastics, which may fade over time and refract color.

rustic dinning room design two chandeliers above table

Metal chandeliers are stronger than glass chandeliers. They can be made of wrought iron, steel, copper, brass or bronze, have a chrome or gold coating. Bronze creates an atmosphere of antiquity. The warm bronze hue looks very noble and is widely used in classic chandelier designs. Chrome is one of the most popular materials for contemporary and Hi-Tech designs. Cold chrome luster emphasizes the expressiveness of these styles. It also gives the chandeliers a special conceptual character. In addition, a chrome coating significantly increases the reliability and durability of the decorative elements of the chandelier and it will not lose its beauty for many years. Wrought iron is widely used in the manufacture of chandeliers for rustic and Provence styles. Forged metal gives a special character and an appearance of handmade. In addition to the expressive artistic effect, forging gives steel increased strength and endurance and you can find chandeliers of impressive sizes and intricate designs. Depending on the shape and color, a metal chandelier can become an interior decoration for industrial, baroque, classic, high-tech, modern and other styles. If you combine metal with another material, the scope will expand.

living room with decorative chandelier bohemian style ideas

Wooden chandeliers look unusual and are the ideal complement to ethnic, oriental and rustic style. There are many different variations, but it is worthwhile to understand that it is better not to hang such lamps in rooms with high humidity and frequent temperature changes. In addition, wood is highly flammable and susceptible to pest damage.

A textile chandelier is a great option for an interior in boho, ethnic and classic interior design. The shapes vary significantly. For the manufacturing of such chandeliers strong fabrics are used that are treated with dust-repellent substances. It is better to equip such chandeliers with LED lamps that give a minimum of heat, and not use them in the kitchen.

A plastic chandelier is cheap, but it does not always look cheap. Such products are characterized by an incredible variety of shapes, bright colors, they are not afraid of moisture. Making a plastic chandelier from plastic bottles or cups is a popular DIY project.

how to choose a chandelier for nursery room

A paper chandelier fits into Japanese style, Scandinavian, hi-tech interiors, etc. It is inexpensive, but not resistant to mechanical damage, moisture, fire and does not always transmit light normally.

Of course, in terms of design and materials, the options are unlimited – antler chandeliers are widely popular, DIY fans can make beautiful chandeliers from almost any material – lace, macramé, dry wood branches, beads, capiz, rope, mason, jars, glass bottles, household items, etc.

How to choose a chandelier – buyer’s guide and important considerations

open plan living space design and lighting idea

When choosing a chandelier you need to take into account a number of criteria. A harmonious interior design in based on combining a variety of elements and balancing them in a way that creates the desired atmosphere and of course, appearance. Let’s have a look at the most important considerations that you need to keep in mind:

modern master bathroom lighting ideas beautiful chandeliers

Room size and dimensions – Ceiling height is one of the most important factors that determine the choice of a chandelier. In addition to that, the higher the ceilings, the more intense the lighting should be. In rooms with high ceilings large chandeliers will look more organically but for lower rooms you need to carefully choose smaller models.

How to choose a chandelier buyers guide

The area of the illuminated interior is also important. The design features of the chandelier, the number of shades, their orientation, power and light sources should be selected in accordance with the size of the area that you want to illuminate. The general rule is that for each square meter you need approximately 20-25 watts of power. Modern chandelier models often come with a dimmer which changes the parameters of incoming electricity and the brightness of the glow. These are especially useful for bedrooms as you can adjust the brightness of light.

living room lighting fixtures large black pendant

Chandelier size and shape – You can determine the appropriate size of the chandelier using simple rules:

  • the optimum width of the chandelier in cm is determined by the formula: (Width of the room + Length of the room) * 10. For example, for a living room with a width of 5 m and a length of 8 m, a chandelier with a width of 130 cm is suitable;
  • the height of the chandelier in cm is calculated as follows: Ceiling height / 4. Accordingly, for a ceiling height of 270 cm the chandelier should have a height of 67.5 cm.
  • Another important point is that there must be at least 190 cm clearance from the floor to the bottom of the chandelier.

Chandelier shape is also important. Generally, chandeliers can be divided into two groups:

  • elongated;
  • rounded;

When choosing one or another option, it is recommended to choose a model that will blend harmoniously into the design concept for the interior. For square rooms it is worth buying rounded chandeliers. For elongated spaces – corridors, galleries, various halls – elongated shapes are more suitable.

Location of the chandelier in the room

modern kitchen chandelier above dining table

By choosing this or that option of placing the lighting fixtures, you can change the total lighting efficiency. In most cases, the center of the ceiling is suitable for placing the main lamp – in this case, the light will spread evenly in all directions. For accent lighting, for example, a dining table, you can place a chandelier directly above it. Various spotlights can be used to illuminate the functional areas, complementing the light of the main chandelier. Wall sconces, floor lamps and other types of lighting allow you to highlight the individual zones of the interior or elements of the decor, making the interior even more attractive and comfortable. Additional light sources are especially important in large rooms where the light of the central chandelier is not enough to illuminate the entire space.

Interior design color scheme

interior design ideas how to choose a chandelier dining room decor

The overall color scheme of the interior has a great influence on the effect created by light fixtures. Light walls reflect light more efficiently than dark ones. Therefore, if your interior walls are finished in light colors you can choose a less powerful chandelier. For walls in dark colors a powerful lamp is required, because dark tones absorb part of the light. The color of the furniture also affects the lighting parameters of the interior. Again, light furniture will reflect light, and dark furniture will absorb part of it. Keep in mind that colors change in different light. Colors also change in different light. Pure white is especially sensitive to light. It will be snowy white only in intense sunlight while under artificial light it can have gray-ish or yellow-ish shades. The warm light of incandescent lamps makes warm colors more pronounced while cold shades, on the contrary, become less pronounced and soft. The cold light of fluorescent lamps enhances the expressiveness of cold shades but warm colors will lose their beauty.

How to choose a chandelier – practical tips for the different rooms and areas of the home

modern chandelier design home lighting ideas

Modern chandeliers present a variety of artistic solutions and often have a complex asymmetric shape. Such a solution will be a great addition to modern interiors. For classic design concepts, experts recommend the use of chandeliers with pronounced symmetry due to the fact that they emphasize the overall harmony of design.

how to choose a chandelier home lighting fixture

The style of the chandelier should correspond to the general interior design concept of the interior. To emphasize the aesthetics of modern interior styles models with straight lines are a good option. Classic chandeliers with rich shapes and lines are suitable for rooms where you need to create a special atmosphere of home comfort.

Various decorative elements help to emphasize the style of the chandelier. In each stylistic direction unique forms and lines are used. The aesthetic and decorative value of chandeliers is great and you need to choose a model that will look organically in the interior of your home.

double wooden staircases with pendant chandelier

How to choose a chandelier for the hallway? It is with the hallway that every house begins. Therefore, it is important that the lighting in the corridor is properly organized, creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Unfortunately, hallways in modern apartments are usually long and narrow. In such cases an oblong or rectangular chandelier are a good choice.

modern home lighting cascading chandelier above sofa and coffee table

How to choose a chandelier for the living room? The living room is a special area in the house, a place where guests are welcomed and the family spends time together. The atmosphere should be warm, cozy and inviting. The choice of a chandelier in this room should be taken very responsibly. It is important that the light in the living room is bright, but warm. If your home has high ceilings, choosing a massive hanging chandelier will make the room solemn and elegant and will give a special charm to the space. For example, crystal chandeliers are exceptional and a symbol of prosperity and aristocracy. If the ceiling height is standard, it is worth choosing a model with several shades. Long and narrow living rooms can be illuminated will the help of two small symmetrically located ceiling chandeliers.

crystal chandelier home lighting fixtures

How to choose a chandelier for the bedroom? The bedroom is a private area. Choosing a chandelier for this room, it is worth considering that it should create a cozy, intimate atmosphere that promotes relaxation and rest. Light must certainly be diffused and soft. The chandelier for the bedroom should be combined with the rest of the interior elements. A chandelier with a fabric lampshade will be an excellent choice, regardless of the style of the room. It will create a special atmosphere in the room and looks stylish and elegant. Of course, depending on the décor style, you can choose a spectacular crystal chandelier, a wrought iron model or any other suitable option.

scandinavian style nursery room with yellow lamp

How to choose a chandelier for the nursery room? The nursery is a small world and lighting plays a very important role in creating an atmosphere of carelessness, comfort and fun. To choose the right chandelier for the nursery, you need to take into account a few simple rules. First of all, it is worth paying attention to safety and practicality. This means that the material of the chandelier must be natural, environmentally friendly and most of all safe. Chandeliers with elements of crystal or thin glass are not suitable for kid’s rooms because a child can accidentally touch and break them while playing. A children’s chandelier made of textile or durable plastic is a practical solution. Experts advise choosing chandeliers with matte shades that give diffused, soft light. Of course, for small children, chandeliers with vivid images of cartoon characters, spaceships or princesses are a huge fun.

dining room interior wooden table and chairs lighting fixture ideas

What are the basic principles for choosing a chandelier for the kitchen? The kitchen is the heart and soul of any home. In the kitchen you need maximum comfort and good light. This is the place where families gather and important decisions are made. When choosing a chandelier for the kitchen, you should consider many important factors. You must consider the size of the kitchen. For example, in a small kitchen, a compact chandelier will look good. The high humidity and temperature changes are important considerations as well as the high probability of staining your light fixtures with droplets of fat. When buying a chandelier for the kitchen it is better to avoid models textile shades and give preference to lighting fixtures with decorative elements made of metal, glass or acrylic as they are easy to maintain. A combination of spotlights to illuminate the work area and a suspended chandelier to illuminate the dining table is a good solution for the kitchen.



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