Valentine’s Day gift idea for men 2023: 5 unique suggestions to surprise your loved one

by Kristiyana

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, and the search for original gifts has already begun. Jewellery, chocolates, flowers, lingerie… the ideas for women are literally endless. However, this is not always the case for men. Choosing a gift for your sweetheart can be a real headache, believe me, I know. To avoid making the wrong choice and to make your partner happy, I’ve come up with a selection of gifts that will make your day! So, have a look and decide which Valentine’s Day gift idea for men do you like the most?

Valentine’s Day gift idea for men: 5 creative suggestions to consider


What Valentine’s Day gift for 2023 to give to your boyfriend or husband? If you’ve run out of ideas (don’t worry, it happens quite often), I’ve come up with five suggestions that your other half is sure to love. And no, these are not cheesy gifts, but rather sophisticated and practical presents. But before we get to that, a quick reminder about the evening of 14 February: if you’re going to celebrate at home, I recommend swapping the traditional red wine for a Valentine’s cocktail. It’s dynamic, it’s cute and it’s creative!

Perfume: A timeless gift that gentlemen love

Valentine's Day-2023-gift-idea-for-man-perfume-winter


Frankly, there’s nothing more irresistible than a man who smells good! I recommend that you opt for a high-quality perfume to give your loved one a five-star experience. Try, of course, to choose the product according to your man’s preferences. Among the winter perfumes for men, I would mention Dior Sauvage and Burberry Classique: two appetizing options! By the way, if your other half already has a favourite fragrance, you can easily opt for that as well!

Egyptian cotton bed linen as a gift for men


Need a Valentine’s Day gift for men that smells both luxurious and comfortable? Don’t hesitate any longer and opt for Egyptian cotton bed linen that will definitely enhance your adult bedroom. I advise you to pick products from 400 threads. They are not expensive and allow you to sleep in comfort.

Quick and easy Valentine’s Day cake “Bento Cake” style

Valentine's Day-cake-easy-and-quick-recipe-bento-cake-14-February-2023

What original gift to pick for your sweetheart to show your love and creativity, but also your master culinary skills? Do you know about bento cakes in a box? Small, adorable, colourful and customizable, the so-called bento cake is the gourmet gift par excellence. What’s more, it’s easy to bake this cute little gift at home. Or, you can even make some delicious Valentine’s Day-themed cupcakes? There are a lot of simple recipes for such as well. However, If baking is not really your thing, almost every bakery sells bento cakes and cupcakes all year round and offers original Valentine’s Day decorations. So, why not?

Valentine’s Day gift idea for men: Personalized jumper for couples


Looking for an original and personalized Valentine’s Day gift for men? A couple’s jumper is a great idea, cheap and easy to make. All you have to do is choose your favourite design and place an order. Where exactly? There are many websites that offer jumpers or sweatshirts to personalize. A few clicks on Google, and you’ll find the site that suits you best. These pieces are perfect to wear on your next movie night!

Valentine’s Day DIY gift for men: What’s the Date Night jar?


What is the best gift for men to give for Valentine’s Day 2023? Certainly the one you made with your own hands! Are you still short of ideas for fun, playful or romantic activities to do as a couple? I’ll give you a cute suggestion to boost your relationship! Set aside one day of the week (say Friday or Saturday) to spend a romantic evening with your loved one, the so-called date night. And to avoid the question “What are we going to do tonight?”, I invite you to imagine several activities and to write each one on coloured Popsicle sticks. Then put them in a large jar and draw one before your romantic evening. Super cute!

Use your imagination and decorate your jar as you see fit. Ribbons, glitter… anything goes!

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