Velux skylights – comfort and natural light in the home interior

by Kremy

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Velux skylights offer a wide range of roof windows and for more than 60 years the brand has established a worldwide reputation as a leader in the field in over 70 countries around the world. Many people do not take into consideration the design features of the attic, or the importance of natural light in the living areas and believe that a couple of vertical windows, catching the light in daytime, would be sufficient.

 Velux skylights – proven quality and modern design

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There are many reasons why homeowners should choose Velux skylights for their homes. Besides the decades of experience and the high quality, customers can be certain that they receive a product which uses most advanced technology of glass production – energy-saving, double-glazed windows, seamless corners. The use of north pine tree, which is very thick and sturdy material, means that your skylight window will serve you for many years and makes sure that draft is eliminated and the heat is retained inside. Let’s not forget the ease of use and simplicity – the windows are easily opened by a handle at the top of the frame. The original design and wide range of models allow every customer to choose a pattern as per his taste and needs.

Velux skylights –in the contemporary home interior

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The attractive design of Velux skylights, the high thermal insulation properties and the possibility of an extensive view of the windows makes them vary functional and desired. Of course, they are perfect for the attic, but not only. If you think your kitchen, bathroom or living room haven’t got sufficient lighting – a skylight will be the ideal solution. If you have decided to build a sunroom, again, you shall need a well-insulated and well-designed ventilation system, which will ensure reliability and durability of the windows.


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 Contemporary kitchen design with skylights

contemporary kitchen design lighting ideas Velux skylights

Natural light in the kitchen

contemporary white kitchen design Velux skylights

 Sloping roof windows in an attic bedroom

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 Convenient and easy to operate skylights

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 Natural light in the hallway

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 skylights modern home lighting ideas

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