Wallpaper steamer – the easy way to remove old wallpapers

by Kremy

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Removing old wallpapers can be quite a headache. It can be a long and hard working process, let alone the mess and the stress. It doesn’t matter if you plan a cosmetic repair or you just moved in a house, sooner or later it comes to that process.

wallpaper steamer machine three steps removing wallpapers DIY ideas


A wallpaper steamer will save you the hard work and hours of manual labour.

Removing old wallpapers with a wallpaper steamer – prepare the room for work

removing old wallpapers with wallpaper steamer room preparation

Let’s face it – many people paste new wallpaper on top of the old ones, but it certainly is a fast, low-quality and a wrong way. Removing old wallpaper is not a complicated process and of course it depends on the type of wallpaper and glue which were used.

wallpaper steamer machine removing wallpapapers ideas

A wallpaper steamer would be the right tool and the right technology to use so that you can get rid of old wallpapers. Before you get started, you must prepare the room for work.

DIY wallpaper removal tools steamer wallpaper how to remove old wallpapers

Disconnect all wiring in the room, all electrical face plates, telephone jacks, picture hangers and any other obstacles from the walls. Cover all outlets and switches with tape to protect them from liquids.

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Also, if you intend to keep the floor, it would be better to lay protective sheets.

 How to use a wallpaper steamer?

how to use wallpaper steamer machine

Wallpaper steamers releasing hot steam and may be dripping hot water. It is advisable that you wear gloves and eye protection.

Wallpaper removal ideas wallpaper steaming DIY ideas

Fill the wallpaper steamer with water and attach the wallpaper plate. Plug it and wait until it heats up so that it produces steam. The steam actually breaks the bond between the wallpaper adhesive and the wall.


easy ways to remove old wallpapers ideas wallpaper steamer

Place the wallpaper plate on the wallpaper and hold it for about 30-40 seconds. The wallpaper should get moist. Some wallpapers may require more or less steaming so you need to figure out how long to hold the pad against the wall.

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If it is difficult to remove the wallpaper, it means the steam is too little steam. Make sure you do not steam for too long so that you do not damage the wall below the wallpapers.

how to remove old wallpapers easy ways step by step

After that you can remove the wallpaper by simply using a scraper to peel it.

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