Sound absorbing panels – what do they do?

by Kremy

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It will not come as a surprise that sound absorbing panels have a major role in maintaining the acoustics in public places like theaters, schools, office areas, etc. These panels have found their place in residential areas as well, especially in rooms with surround systems, home theaters, media rooms or home music studios.

What do sound absorbing panels do?

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It is important to make a difference between sound absorbing panels and sound blocking panels. The two types are usually mistaken and people think that soundproofing is the common characteristic for these two types of panels. Acoustic panels, in general, are two main types – those that absorb echo within a room and those that block or stop a sound. This article is focused on absorbing it and the materials that you are looking for are soft which means that they will absorb the noise.

How to choose sound absorbing panels

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Sound absorption systems come in different varieties and are designed to take in the unwanted noise that disturbs the environment. The panels can be installed as ceiling panels, wall panels or even flooring panels. Before choosing your sound absorbing panels you need to know that in general the materials used for the manufacturing of absorbing panels are soft, lightweight, even fluffy to the touch. Their purpose is to soften the surface of the room and reduce the echo.

egg crate sound absorbing panels

“Egg crate” foam is perhaps one of the most popular sound absorbing products. It is very lightweight and airy. The market offers many fabric wrapped panels from different manufacturers which have a decorative value added to the practical function. They are easily installed both in residential or public areas and can be used as original wall decoration as well.

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