What Is the Japanese Wolf Cut 2023? 15 Takes on the Trendy Hairstyle

by Kristiyana

Are you looking for your ideal Spring/Summer 2023 hairstyle for your short or mid-length hair? It should be something very trendy and stylish, yet not too high-maintenance, right? Then I have the perfect hairstyle for you! Welcome the Japanese wolf cut! This haircut is trending like crazy at the moment. You can see many versions of it on TikTok, as a lot of girls just can’t wait to visit the hair salon to get it. Want to know more about the Japanese wolf cut? Who does it suit, and which hairstyle would fit you best? Find out now!

What is the Japanese wolf cut?

what face shape suits a wolf cut asymmetrical bangs

The Japanese style wolf cut is a bit more different than the standard wolf haircut. The classic wolf cut is a hybrid between a mullet and shag, and is worn with all hair lengths in types. The Japanese version is more focused on short or medium-length hair, and is sleeker. It again has the same rock chick vibe, and creates a cool and effortless hairstyle. The cut is done with heavy layers, bangs, and the hair is left floating in the back, giving your hairstyle edge and style.

What face shape suits a wolf cut?

One of the reasons the wolf cut is so popular is that it suits all face shapes. Of course, for each shape, different corrections must be made. Oval and round faces have it easiest when trying the wolf hairstyle. For a square face, add wispy layers to soften the look of your jawline. A heart-shaped face should be complemented with more layers around the chin to fill out the face visually.

Japanese wolf cut hairstyles 2023

what is a japanese wolf cut wolf cut hairstyle


Did I convince you to try the Japanese wolf cut 2023? Alright! Glad to hear, now let’s go through some fantastic takes on this super trendy and edgy hairstyle. To get this look in the image above, opt for curtain bangs to complete your wolf cut hairstyle. Ask your hair stylists to leave more hair around your crown for a fuller look.

Wolf cut with wispy bangs

mullet hairstyles 2023 modern mullet

Wispy bangs are a must-try with the Japanese wolf cut. They make the hairstyle look more chic, and would complement your sleek and straight hair.

“Hime” Japanese wolf haircut

wolf cut hair japanese wolf cut

This take on the Japanese wolf cut is a hybrid between the modern mullet itself and a Hime hairstyle. The Hime hairstyle is another Japanese cut that is growing in popularity. It consists of straight, side-lengths cut at cheek level and bangs. Usually, the rest of the hair is worn in long, straight lengths. This creates an edgy, yet chic look.

Red Japanese wolf hairstyle

red japanese wolf cut short hairstyles women 2023


And doesn’t everything look better in red? Get your Japanese wolf cut done in flowy layers, and opt for the trendy copper or amber red hair colours. You can finish the hairstyle with peekaboo layers to make this haircut even more eye-catching.

Mid-length wolf cut with bangs

who suits a wolf cut women hairstyles 2023

Want to create some volume for your medium-length hair? This wolf cut is just for you! Opt for shaggy layers and get your bangs cut in long, wispy lengths. If you want to draw more attention to your eyes and cool bangs, you can wear a headband on your forehead to create a really edgy look.

Shaggy haircut with bangs

japanese wolf cut short wolf cut

Now this look is ideal for girls with thicker hair texture. If you are tired of your long and voluminous locks weighing you down, get this shaggy Japanese wolf cut for the spring or summer season. Leave more body in the crown, to create the “helmet” of the wolf cut, and opt for a thick fringe.

Purple face-framing layers

japanese wolf cut colourful wolf cut

In my opinion, every hairstyle can look more stunning with a pop of colour. Wouldn’t you agree? To get a few head turns this 2023, opt for face-framing highlights in your Japanese wolf cut, in a cool eye-catching colour. Darker purple hues would look amazing on black or brunette hair.

Short and sleek wolf hairstyle

2023 hair trends japanese haistyles

Or maybe you can try the sleek wolf cut with long wispy bangs with your short hair length? If you want to get more volume at the crown, use a wax hair spray.

Neon pink Japanese wolf cut

pink japanese wolf cut wolf cut hairstyles 2023

Pretty in pink? Why not! Pink is THE top colour when it comes to fashion, makeup, and hair colours in 2023. Pastel pink or neon pink, the Japanese wolf cut would look incredible.

Wolf haircut & bangs for fine hair

wolf cut with bangs japanese wolf cut

Did you know that the Japanese wolf cut is perfect for girls with finer hair? This haircut will add more volume and body to your hair. Opt for baby bangs to complete the look.

Gemini Japanese wolf cut hair

gemini hair gemini wolf cut

Have you heard about the Gemini hair trend of 2023? It’s when you dye your hair in two colours to create a real statement look. The colours could be close in hues or contrasting. The colouring technique would look great on the wolf cut.

White and sleek wolf haircut

sleek wolf cut white wolf cut

For those looking to try something reaaaally edgy, opt for the white wolf cut look with a sleek finish. The snow-white colour will make you look like a real rock star.

Japanese wolf cut for thick hair

modern mullet wolf cut women

Works great with finer hair, but when you have a thicker texture, the shaggy layers will look even more flattering. Can’t miss out on those long, thick bangs.

Wolf cut with money piece

wolf cut with money piece highlights money piece hairstyle

The Japanese wolf cut and money piece highlights? Now this will create a super edgy and stylish look! Dare to try it?


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