What Is The Healthiest Fast Food: Make Sure You Eat What Your Body Needs

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Is there really fast food that can be considered healthy? We all want that – to eat at our favorite fried food chain and not gain weight. But, unfortunately, things are different. So, what is the healthiest fast food? What restaurant offers it? How to make sure that we eat healthy?

What Is The Healthiest Fast Food: The TOP 3 Suggestions in 2023

what is the healthiest fast food eating low calories

Recently, more and more people are starting to pay attention to their body and what it needs. Yes, it’s normal to occasionally want fries and a big juicy burger to eat while watching your favorite movie. But is that the best choice? I know when you are in a hurry and want to eat something, you always turn to fast food chains. They are always full of people making the choice to eat unhealthy. Oh, what’s the big deal you say? Just a burger and a pizza or some fried nuggets won’t hurt? Forget all that and really think about exactly how the food is prepared and how does it affect your body. Why are these restaurants all about FAST food…

The topic of this type of food is quite vast and covers many different aspects. But I don’t want you to think that it is absolutely forbidden and that you should NEVER try it. However, try to avoid them as much as possible, because actually according to some scientific studies our body gets addicted to fast food. This is how we teach our body to think that healthy food doesn’t taste good. So, can fast food be actually healthy? Let’s find out!

What Is The Healthiest Fast Food?

If you are expecting to read that fires and big burgers are healthy, you won’t. We are going to talk about fast food chains that offer healthy items on their menus. If you go out with your friends and family and want to eat something on the go, but still make e healthy choice, you can! According to specialists, it is still not the best option to eat salads from fast food chains, because it might not be the freshest. However, if you are going to try something, opt for something with vegetables, protein and less sodium. After doing independent research through the depths of the internet, medical journals and surveys, we chose the TOP 3 fast food chains that we are going to talk about!

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Chipotle Mexican Grill

healthy fast food options chipotle burrito bowl salad nutrition calories


According to many independent studies, the healthiest fast food is Chipotle. The meat they use for their burritos is grilled, not fried, and there’s also plenty of choice of fresh vegetables. The tortillas have the option of being whole wheat, which makes them healthier. And here’s the item menus that will guarantee you will eat fast food that’s healthy:

  • Healthy items from the menu: Burrito bowls, salads, wholegrain burritos, high protein bowl

There are bowls on the menu that are specially made for people that are currently working out and you can follow your calories easily. Something to keep in mind is that the sauce or dressing is not always a good idea, since it could contain more sodium. So if you can, avoid it.


chick fil a healthy menu items fast food low calories nutritious

Chick-fil-A is also a fast food chain that offers healthy meals. I know you’re probably thinking of their crispy chicken nuggets or the famous waffle fries, but today we’re not talking about the fried stuff! Instead, focus on their grilled chicken sandwiches and lots of iceberg. What to choose from the menu for a healthy lunch or dinner?

  • Healthy items from the menu: salads, soup, grilled chicken sandwich, grilled nuggets, cool wrap

What Is the Healthiest Fast Food Burger?

in n out protein style burger healthy fast food choices calories menu keto diet

With In-N-Out, we will focus on one item on the menu, as the rest are not so healthy. If you feel like eating a burger but you’re on a keto diet or you want to minimize the calories intake, then you can try a protein style burger that’s wrapped n a lettuce instead of buns. As you know burger buns can be very calorie dense, because of the carbohydrates they contain. If you want more protein and veggies, this burger will allow you to enjoy it and not gain extra fat. You can also order it with double or triple patties, which makes it super filling, which means you don’t need the buns to feel full.

What’s The Most Unhealthiest Fast Food?

Fast food in general is considered unhealthy, since the food is processed, it contains a lot of calories and bad nutrition. With that being said, you have to avoid eating in those kind of restaurants regularly, not only to maintain a good shape, but also because of your health. When you feel like eating a burger or fries for example, it is better to prepare them at home so you really know what you are eating. You can also prepare your food on an air fryer, which will not only make it easier but also reduce the calories.

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