What Print to Wear Over 50? – Tips for Fun and Glamorous Ways to Jazz Up Your Closet

by Stephanie Yankova

Every age is characterized by particular changes we have to make in different aspects of our lifestyle. Adapting our diet, everyday habits, cosmetic products, and even wardrobe to our age and the changes our bodies go through is definitely not an easy task! The older we get, the more we begin to focus on clothing that can help us accentuate our best features and hide the not-so-great ones in the best way possible! This may sound pretty straightforward on paper, but when you put it into practice it’s a whole different shebang! You want to look youthful, but not childish. Mature, but not old. All the silhouettes you once loved suddenly don’t fit you the same way. So what’s the solution? Truth be told, I’ve always loved a good print! It’s such an easy way to jazz up an old, boring outfit, and the best part – they create optical illusions that can act in your favor! Here’s what print to wear over 50, so you too can look sassy and snazzy!

floral print dress women over 50 styling tips ideas spring summer 2023

What Print to Wear Over 50?

If you are trying to achieve a mature and elevated, yet playful look, graphic patterns in dark and pastel tones will add a touch of tasteful quirkiness to your look. Abstract floral prints are also a great way for women over 50 to achieve a youthful yet elegant appearance. Avoid big, bold patterns in vibrant colors. Such combinations can make you appear larger, which is an effect women over 50 should try to evade.

Color Block Pattern

color block pattern women over 50 print outfit ideas styling tips trends 2023


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Wearing color block patterns is a great optical illusion trick you can use to accentuate certain parts of your body and hide others. For example, if you want to put an emphasis on your waist, choose a dress or shirt that has a brighter color around that area and darker shades around the bust and arms. If you want to wear something with a slimming effect, look for clothes with color block patterns that have darker shades on the areas you want to cover.

Graphic Print in Bright Colors

graphic colorful patterns for women over 50 stylish outfit ideas

The key to wearing bright patterns and choosing clothes that make you look good after 50 is to choose clothes with prints that have some sort of movement within the design. For example, the pattern of this floral dress is made of components in different shapes and sizes which create intricate combinations and give the fabric a certain flow that distracts the eye from focusing on any areas of your body in particular.

Micro Geometric Print for Women Over 50

micro geometric pattern pencil skirt white shirt outfit ideas women over 50 styling tips trends

This micro geometric print is a great option for skirts or pants, especially ones with a slim fit, as it optically elongates your figure. This print is quite intense on the eye, so make sure you balance out your outfit by pairing it with a plain shirt or top and shoes in a neutral color.

Classic Stripes Pattern

nude color stripe shirt pattern for women over 50 outfit ideas styling tips trends

A timeless classic that looks undeniably good on people of all ages is the stripes pattern! You can effortlessly style it with formal clothes just as well as you can dress it down with a pair of jeans, sneakers and a denim jacket. Quick tip – consider what effect you’re looking to achieve when buying a striped top. Horizontal stripes create the illusion of a wider build, while vertical stripes make your silhouette appear slimmer and more elongated.

Bold Illustrative Floral Pattern

bold big floral pattern women over 50 print to wear outfit tips ideas styling trends 2023 grece ghanem

Something to keep in mind when shopping for clothes in floral patterns is the actual design of the elements and the color scheme. Opt for illustrative patterns rather than ones of more realistic-looking floral elements. Earth tones make the clothes appear a lot more modern and timeless, which will allow you to wear your floral patterns for years to come and remain just as trendy as they were on the day you bought them!

Animal Print for Women Over 50

print for women over 50 leopard long skirt leather jacket styling ideas

If anyone’s ever told you that animal prints aren’t suitable for mature women, erase this information right this second! Animal prints are a great way to add a touch of playfulness to your outfit. Just make sure you pair them with plain clothes and accessories that will harmonise the intensity of the animal pattern.

Tartan Pattern for Women Over 50

tartant gray pants vest shirt elegant street style women over 50 outfit ideas

Tartan is having a huge moment in 2023 and you don’t want to miss out on this trend regardless of age and size! It’s a classic, timeless pattern that quite frankly, never fails to look stunning and stylish in all its various color combinations and pattern variations!

Zebra Pattern For Every Occasion

zebra pattern women over 50 fashionable outfits styling tips tricks ideas

As we already established, you shouldn’t feel like you need to stay away from animal prints once you’ve gone past a certain age. In fact, we encourage you to experiment more with them and find the ones that you feel the most comfortable and confident in! Just like this stunning zebra print-inspired turtleneck!

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