Wolf Bob-Funky and fresh or an outdated Mess?

by Leanne Edwards

A “wolf bob” is a choppier looking mullet hairstyle and was originally popular in South Korea. It’s basically a very messy looking style, but that doesn’t stop it making a come-back as a fashionable way to express one’s self. If you’ve been considering on taking the leap and taking a chance on rocking this style, stay tuned to get all the information you need!

Are wolf bob cuts in style?

Jenna ortega wolf bob cut1

Credit: Jenna Ortega

You may be wondering whether or not you might have spotted this vintage wolf bob roaming around the internet on some of some well-known icons of the celebrity world. Well, you’d be very accurate in commenting such a thing. The wolf bob has become a favourite to some artists such as Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish and Jenna Ortega. They are perfect examples in proving that this style fits everyone.

So I’m ready for a fresh new style, would this wolf bob work on me?

Wolf bob messy look suits me

Are you sick and tired of wearing the same old hairstyle? Wanting to try out something new, but are unsure which short haircut is right for you? Well, don’t worry yourself, I can assure you that the wolf bob is a style which suits most hair types and face shapes. The reason being is this: it can actually be altered to be personalised for you.

Ok, so what are we talking time-wise to achieve?

side look wolf bob blonde
Regarding the styling time, we’re seriously talking hardly any at all. Are wolf cuts high maintenance? No, not at all! This is due to the fact that it’s a pretty wake-up and go situation we’re speaking of. As it is already known for being a pretty wild look, hence its name “wolf bob”, you can literally run your fingers through your hair in an upwards motion and leave it at that. It shouldn’t take more than a minute to get the desired look.

I’m intrigued! Tell me more…

rocking out in a wolf bob
Take, for instance, if you are wondering “can you get a wolf cut with thick hair?” Absolutely, as it’s more than likely going to be slightly wavy or even maybe curly. This will work as an advantage as it’s going to already have the volume needed. Now, if you’re thinking “can you do a wolf cut on thin hair?”- the answer is correct. Of course, you can! The only difference being that you would need to use a few more hairstyling products to reach the desired look. If you are wondering what trendy haircut to go for, this is for you, it’s dead easy!
What you can use:

    • Try a texturizing product or even a sea-salt spray
    • Wax or matte look gel (Strong)
    • Dry shampoo
    • Pomade (Matte paste)
    • Volumizing spray
    • Hairspray

Baring in mind that all you need to do with each of these products is to add the desired product to your fingers and scrunch well into your hair. Make sure to go all the way to the root. Once you’re happy with the look, lock it in with a hairspray of your choice.

I don’t think this will work for me…

wild colours wolf bob cut

So now we’ve discussed thin and thick hair, I bet you’re wondering whether or not does wolf cut work on straight hair as well? As this hairstyle works on all hair types, the only thing which is different is the fact that this would work a lot easier for you on dirtier hair, let’s say 1 or 2 days unwashed. In this case, I could advise you that you may find you get a better look by adding in a few curls with a curling iron or even get a slight perm put in by your hairdresser, either way, if you want a heat-free option, mousse would work a treat. The best way to get that tousled look is to apply your product to the crown of the head and rough up your hair. Apply hairspray to lock in that perfect messy mullet!

Can you get a wolf cut without bangs?

how to cut my own wolf bob cut
The traditional wolf bob cut is known for being super shaggy, mad messy and well, just plain wild. If you don’t wear bangs but are wanting to pull off this look, they can always be cut in. The traditional bangs are otherwise known as “triangle bangs” and this is because of how they are cut. Your hair is put in a high ponytail on top of the head. The next step is to lean forward and chop the end of the pony. Then it is snipped upwards as if to feather the ends. Once that’s done, the hair is released again and when it falls back into place, you can see that it is shaggy and layered. Grabbing 2 parts at the front, cut each side horizontally as if into a triangle, and there you have it – the perfect bob with messy bangs!

Hopefully this article has given you more of an insight into 2023’s hottest hairstyle trend and that you’ll enjoy rocking out your new ‘do!


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