Xmas table decorations – A joyful celebration of the biggest holiday

by Kremy

Elegant christmas table decorations ideas festive table setting crystal wine glass christmas gift

Christmas is a magical time. We can spend more time with the family and with friends, decorate the Christmas tree and the house in a festive way to add the mood and the spirit of this magnificent holiday. A beautifully decorated table is perhaps the highlight of every feast, so you need to consider not only the menu but also the proper decoration. We will show you fabulous Xmas table decorations, which will fascinate your guests and would make the Christmas Eve unforgettable.

 Xmas table decorations – combine the colors

xmas table decorations red runners blue christmas cracker jokes snowflakes


When you start planning your Xmas table decorations the first thing you need to choose is a color combination for your decor. The best designs usually combine only two colors such as traditional red and green, white and blue or gold and red. If you want to achieve a minimalist look, you can decorate with gold, silver and white. Add additional sparkle by enhancing the golden and silver shine with lights, candles and mirrors. The mistletoe, fir and holly branches are a beautiful symbol of winter and find a place in any decoration.

Add beautiful accents with Xmas table decorations

Christmas table decorating gingerbread trees candies napkins

Set in the middle of the table a nice centerpiece like a glass vase with baubles or a lush wreath. Then think of the little details that can make a big difference, for example, a cracker, a small gift or a bauble in every dish. Homemade napkin rings and cards are also a nice option. Check out this elegant Xmas table decorations and create a festive atmosphere.

xmas table decorations ideas christmas party centerpieces holiday decor ideas

 Adorable decoration ideas

xmas table decorations christmas table decor ideas mini christmas tree red dishes


 A festive idea for the Christmas dinner

xmas table decorations holiday table setting Christmas centerpieces ideas

 Decoration in white and silver

white silver Christmas table decoration ideas pine cones sivler tree ornaments

DIY paper hats for the wine glasses

dining room red and white color scheme santa hat glasses

Sparkling gold and red

Decorating ideas for the Christmas table red and gold colors tree ornaments centerpiece

 DIY ideas flower decor cookie

white gold Christmas table decoration ideas angel wings chair

traditiona colors red green tree ornaments

elegant silver white colors tree ornaments christmas cracker jokes

christmas colorful christmas table centerpiece ideas

Christmas craft ideas rustic style white paper snowflakes

gold black theme mantelpiece garland roses

Christmas chair decoration DIY ideas pine cones ribbon place card

charming rustic style decor gingerbrad cookie ribbon tea candles

awesome holiday table setting unique


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