Zinc countertops – vintage or modern style in the kitchen?

by Kremy

contemporary kitchen zinc countertop kitchen island with seating

The chances that you see zinc countertops in modern homes are not very big, although they have their own and unique charm and for centuries were considered quite a popular choice.

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Zinc surface changes color over time, but it has a great advantage over all other materials – the natural antimicrobial properties. That is why zinc kitchen countertops are ideal for places where food is prepared.

kitchen design subway tile backsplash zinc countertops

Due to the fact that the metal is naturally non-porous, zinc countertops are easy to maintain clean by just wiping them with soap and water.

zinc countertop review kitchen countertops designs modern kitchens

Zinc kitchen countertops are the perfect choice for a busy kitchen. The anti-bacterial properties of zinc are similar to those of copper.

zinc countertops pros cons review maintenance

Due to the softness, zinc can be carved into beautiful and intricate decorative edges and motifs, which makes the countertops extremely design friendly.

contemporary kitchen design open shelves kitchen island zinc countertop

Zinc loses its color with time due to oxidation.

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On the downside, it is good to know that zinc counters are not heat resistant neither are resistant to scratches.

zinc countertop curved decorative edge

Extreme heat could cause the zinc to warp so you cannot place a hot pan on the surface.

modern kitchen ideas kitchen countertops ideas zinc

The cost of zinc is a factor as well. It is an expensive material and may be that is one of the reasons why the popularity of zinc counters in home kitchens is not that big.

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Unlike the stainless steel, zinc countertop designs have a metallic look with a warmer appearance and once they get a natural patina they look awesome.

rustic kitchen design zinc countertop kitchen island with seating wood base

The rich gray color of zinc counters blends in different design styles – from contemporary and industrial to vintage and rustic.

contemporary kitchen ideas white cabinets zinc countertop modern pendant lamps

Zinc counters look equally well with white kitchen cabinets or with cabinets in natural wood colors.

zinc countertop kitchen remodel ideas kitchen countertops ideas

small kitchen ideas kitchen island zinc countertop hardwood floor

modern kitchen zinc countertop white cabinets wood flooring

kitchen renovation zinc countertops wood cabinets open shelves

kitchen island zinc countertop decorative edge

kitchen designs white cabinets kitchen island with zinc countertop

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