Amish cabins design ideas – a simple log home for a great relax

by Kremy

Amish built cabins design ideas tiny house ideas exterior design

Amish cabins are a fantastic way to have a relaxing time and enjoy the simplicity of life without urban hustle and bustle. How about having a retreat by a lake, in the mountains or in the forest where you can rest in the comfort of a rustic log cabin? Many people have found out the advantages of Amish built cabins and enjoy Nature and time with family and friends. After all, those are the most important and special moments for everyone, aren’t they?

Amish cabins design ideas – pre-built or modular log cabin?

Amish cabins log cabin rustic cabin forest


When looking for Amish cabins ideas you have to plan where you want your structure, what space you need, the layout of the furniture and the functional areas. There is a number of companies that offer Mennonite built huts, some family owned and operated, and the Amish craftsmen are known for the attention to detail, the high quality of materials used in the construction of log cabins and the precision of work. You can choose pre-built or modular log tiny house which can be assembled on site. What is the difference between pre-built (manufactured) and modular ones? The first are constructed on framing, usually lightweight, and very often are the choice of people due to the affordable price tag, less stringent standards, and of course the mobility.

Amish cabins tiny house prefab homes

Modular homes are constructed entirely in a factory and transported to the site. They are more expensive but allow much more design freedom. The construction process is closely monitored and regulated so that modular homes meet strict quality control requirements. Modules are shipped and assembled on site and have to comply with local building codes and regulations. When choosing your log home you may get easily confused as very often the terms modular cabin and manufactured homes are used interchangeably.

Amish cabins with charming rustic interiors

modular log homes amish cabin interior design

Although Amish cabins are simple and traditional, the interior can be most welcoming, cozy and even chic. A major advantage is the fact that you can choose between various standard options offered by the manufacturers which include living area, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or customize your shed as per your needs and taste. Whether you will have a porch or not is entirely up to you. As with any home, there are many decisions to be made – floor and walls finish, doors and room dividers, kitchen cabinets, furniture, finishes, etc. A loft bedroom is always a good option to accommodate friends, or perhaps you plan to have a small office space to keep an eye to your business while away? There are so many possibilities, but whatever you choose, you will definitely have an attractive rustic cabin and spend many happy hours.


tiny house Amish cabins log cabin

pre built small built rustic

modular log

built log rustic

amish built cabins


rustic log cabin exterior

Amish cabins ideas prefab homes ideas rustic cabin

prefab homes

log cabin tiny house

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interior pine kitchen

rustic log cinterior modern kitchen

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