What are the best bangs for short hair after 60? Check out the trendiest hairstyles!

by Gabby

Almost all women over 60 consider cutting their bangs. And why not? It’s a quick solution for beauty enhancement and to compensate for thinning hair, bad eyebrows or wrinkles on the forehead. But there’s a catch: while some impulsive ladies love their bangs, others call it a big mistake and can’t wait for it to grow back. As the photos below reveal, there are flattering styles for all face shapes and mane textures. Here’s how to get bangs for short hair after 60, that you won’t regret and that will show off all your best features!

Side Swept bangs for short hair after 60

bangs for short hair after 60 hairstyle ideas 2023

The advantage of bangs on short hair is that the process of growing it out is very easy if you decide you don’t want it anymore. Side swept bangs are a go-to style, especially because they don’t require a lot of styling. Just use your hair dryer to push it out, or use the combination of the hair dryer and roller brush to give it more shape and movement.

When the side bangs grow out, you can also style them into curtain bangs by parting them in the middle, gently curling them, pulling them away from the face and brushing the curls outward. You can also let them grow on the sides and cut them shorter, or turn them into bottleneck bangs. Side swept bangs are arguably the most versatile out there.

When you ask your hairstylist for haircuts for older women, you won’t believe your eyes: the variety of the popular bob haircut will seem to be endless. If you prefer the layered bob, the layers will make your hair livelier, adding volume, while the side bangs will create a mesmerizing asymmetrical silhouette to your locks.

Short bangs: Pixie haircut for white hair to try in 2023

short haircuts pixie for white hair bangs after 60 hairstyle trends


The Pixie haircut has a very defined fringe line. If you are looking for a short hairstyle for women after 60 that will perfectly match your gray or white hair, then this idea deserves your attention. Almost any woman can try it, but this style looks lovely on those with straight hair. The straighter your locks, the more immaculate your pixie haircut will look.

While some women tend to shy away from these haircuts for whatever reason, you can show up with a totally different, face-flattering look. You can try out many modern variations that have nothing to do with the tacky stereotype of this style. This photo is the proof! A thick texture gives the Pixie cut a very youthful and fun look, while the short bangs takes care of a wide forehead. For more inspiration, check out what are the best short haircuts for gray hair in 2023!

Long side bangs: Pixie bob haircut

long side bangs for short hair for women after 60 pixie haircut ideas

Asymmetrical hairstyles for older women are super trendy these days. Even though the ladies may not know the exact details of the hairstyle and why it works, they love the way they look. Adding bangs to a Pixie bob hairstyle will frame your face nicely.

Bangs for short hair after 60: Curtain bangs for thick hair

curtain bangs for short hair after 60 shaggy bob hairstyle ideas

What are the best bangs for short hair after 60? The square haircut with curtain bangs is another idea to create a harmonious and lively look. Indeed, by adopting such a fringe, you give yourself a little more space to enhance your features. You can also ask your stylist to run their scissors over the ends of the bangs to make them lighter. This way, this flattering detail will blend evenly with the rest of your hair, creating a presentable look.

 Feathered Pixie haircut

feathered pixie haircut short hair for women over 60 bangs

This short hairstyle features a refined shade of gray that cools the face, while the feathery front bangs give it a softening outline. If you have thin hair, you can opt for short layers that add texture and dimension to your locks.

Everyone knows that short Pixie hair takes some effort to maintain – from regular hairdresser appointments to more frequent washings. However, it also helps create a unique shape and put the right accents on your best features. One way to achieve this is to cut the hair in light, wispy layers. You can also check out which haircut with bangs will highlight your face features the best!

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