5 Best Plants for the Office: Create a Joyful and Healthy Environment on the Workplace with a Green “Neighbor”

by Snezhana Besarabova

Indoor office plants are famous for their ability to create a healthier workplace environment. They not only purify the air, processing carbon dioxide into oxygen, but enjoy us with their marvelous look. Researchers have found that plants help us to decrease allergy symptoms, recover from colds, and reduce tiredness. Not only this, but they can lower the stress, and absorb toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene from the air. Isn’t this a perfect office environment we dream for? We’ve chosen for you some examples of best plants for the office that are easy to care for and create a great working atmosphere.

The best plants for the office are low maintenance ones

best plants for the office easy to care for plants

It’s precious to have some low maintenance plants in your office, as you are busy, and will not have enough time to care for some demanding much attention ones. So, an easy green “neighbor” is a must-have for every worker. One perfect example for such low maintenance plant is Devil’s Ivy.

Devil’s Ivy

best plants for the office devil’s ivy


With its qualities, Devil’s Ivy (Scindapsus) is one of the best choices for placing in the office. This plant is also a high-level air-purifier, and not only that – it detoxes the area, where it is placed. Devil’s Ivy is extremely easy to look after. It may grow in any direction and develop well, placed either on a sun-lit window, or in a corner with scarce light. The best place for this loved plant with vibrant green leaves should be on a height somewhere in front of the working desk, where it will look magnificent.


best plants for the office with low light shade loving ones

Sansevieria, also called mother-in-law’s tongue or aka snake plant, is on the top of the list of low-maintenance plants to be grown in office. It may live in harsh conditions like absence of water and scarce light for a long period. That’s why Sansevieria can survive without any damage if the officer forgets to water it for many days, and this makes it ideal for the busy environment at work. For this plant, rare watering is quite enough. You should water it when you see that the top layer of the soil have dried out. These low requirements make Sansevieria one of the loved easy plants for the office. It’s also good you to clean the dust from their leaves once in 2–3 months. And this is all the desired care for Sansevieria. In addition to this, it’s also a temperature tolerant plant and bears warmth and cold without any problems. And what’s more, Sanseveria is one of the best air-purifying plants.

There is only one thing to remember to have this plant fresh on your office desk – be careful not to overwater it, as this is its weak spot.

Best plants for the office with low light

best plants for the office with low light

Nowadays, there are numerous offices with low light, because when working on computers there is no need of a lot of natural light. Fortunately, there are plants that naturally grow well in poor lighting conditions, and they are suitable for the most offices. Another advantage is that they are low maintenance and don’t require much care. This makes them one of the best plants for the office.


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A good example of shade loving plant is the Zamioculcas, also known as ZZ Plant or Zamio. It’s great for the offices, and is among the easiest to care for plants. Zamio feels perfect in offices with low light. This amazing plant can endure at least 4–5 weeks without any water.

The only demand of this green office “inhabitant” is to be kept away from heating devices. That means you should place it far from radiators. And if you care for with this, Zamio will enjoy you on your desk for long.

Large houseplants are one of the best plants for the office

best plants for the office low maintenance plants

Large houseplants are a wonderful possession for vast offices, especially those, where there are places for coffee breaks or lunch areas. They are attractive and add a jungle vibe to your workplace. Large houseplants are a great source of oxygen and absorb the harmful carbon dioxide. They also may serve as green barriers between the working places and the zones for talking and walking.

Magnificent Yucca

best large plants for the office give joy (1)

This magnificent up to 1.5 m tall plant, with amazing sword-shaped leaves, is ideal for office areas. Yucca suits well in some dark corner, where, creates joy with its greenery, or serves as an office divider for walkways. In addition to these advantages, the plant is low maintenance, and you may forget to water it for days.

Jungle vibe with Areca Palm

best large plants for the office palms (1)

This really large palm is an incredible option for a big office with some extra areas, where it will add a superb jungle vibe. Areca Palm require somewhat more attention and care than some of the other office green “inhabitants”. This palm will feel good in a well-lit place, though without direct sunlight. The plant needs to be watered only once a week, but if you want it to thrive, should mist its leaves regularly. This palm will feel good in a well-lit place, but without direct sunlight.

best plants for the office desk (1)

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