Sneaker Trends 2023 for Women Over 40 & 50: 17 Spring Outfits with Sneakers for Mature Women

by Kristiyana

As we women age and our body changes, it is normal for us to want to switch up our wardrobes. Some clothes and shoes just don’t sit on you as well as they used to. Plus, there are garments that are deemed as not “age-appropriate”, such as mini skirts or shorts. I mean, you might still have a figure that looks good in them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should wear them. However, there is one fashion piece that can suit you at any age. I am talking sneakers! With sneakers, you can create stylish outfits with almost any type of clothing, from wide-leg jeans to dresses and skirts. Interested to find out which are the top sneaker trends 2023 for women over 40 and 50? How to create the best spring outfits with sneakers? Find out now!

Sneaker Trends 2023 for women over 40 and 50

which sneakers are in style 2023

On the topic of sneaker trends 2023 for mature women, we first have to mention the classic white sneaks. White sneakers can be combined with a variety of outfits to create a unique look at any age. Every self-respecting woman over 40 and 50 has to have a pair of trendy white sneakers in her closet. You can go with a low top or platform pair. Better not try chunky sneaks, as they are mostly worn by women in their 20s and can make you look older than you actually are. Low top print sneakers should also be included in your wardrobe. Same goes for black sneakers and a pair of comfy trainers. Let’s see how we can combine these shoes to create outstanding outfits for Spring 2023!

Spring outfit ideas with sneakers for mature women

spring outifts with sneakers for women over 50 2023 ideas


Wear your trendy white platform sneakers this spring with a pair of navy blue skinny jeans, a floral top and a white denim jacket to match your sneaks. It’s a very feminine and comfortable outfit to enjoy the nice warm weather in. Don’t you think?

How to wear white trousers with sneakers?

sneaker trends 2023 for older women

When you are picking out trousers in your 40s or 50s, you don’t always have to go with a black or navy blue pair. An outfit with white trousers can look superb on you as well. You just need to pay attention to your body shape and if the pair fits you well. Wear them with your white sneakers, a top in a bright colour and a blue denim jacket. Don’t forget to accessorize! Shades are a must after 40.

Casual spring outfit for women over 40 & 50

sneaker trends 2023 for older women

Going on a coffee date with your girlfriends? Wish there was an outfit for a mature woman that is casual and looks stylish at the same time? Draw some inspiration from J Lo’s white sneaks wear with a long coat and statement handbag. Again, the shades are a must.

Fancy casual outfit with white sneakers

sneakers outfits for mature women 2023

Or maybe you are looking for an outfit that can be both fancy and casual at the same time? Jane Lynch’s red carpet outfit is proof how you can look good in sneakers after your 50s. The black blazer and trousers, along with the white sneaks, creates a youthful look that you must try this Spring.

Spring outfit with blue jeans and sneakers

sneaker trends 2023 for women over 40

Another clothing item that every self-respectable woman over 40 must have in her closet is a pair of comfy blue jeans. The right jeans can actually take a few years off your age.  When picking out a pair, pay attention to the shades of blue and how it sits on your body shape. Blue jeans that are too light might not sit that well. Wide-leg and boot cut jeans can fit you nicely, even if you are over 60. Trust me on this.

Sporty sneaker trends 2023 outfit over 40 & 50

casual outfits for women over 50

And of course, to look good as we age, we at least need to work out from time to time. Invest in a comfortable pair of trainers to wear on your long walks in the park or when you go jogging. Brands like Nike, Adidas, and New Balance can have the quality pair of stylish trainers you are looking for.

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Leggings outfit over 50 with black sneakers

   how to wear leggings mature women tips

Think you can’t wear leggings after your 50s? Think again! By following our tips, you can wear your favourite pair of leggings and look gorgeous. Combine the leggings with shirts that end below your hips. Complete the outfit with a pair of black sneaks, and accessories like a statement necklace or a pair of long earrings.

Spring outfit with print sneakers for mature women

   white jeans with sneakers outift over 50

Combine your favourite pair of leopard print sneaks with a matching belt, white jeans and an olive twill jacket. Complete the outfit with a striped T and some accessories. The perfect spring outfit with sneakers for a mature woman. Wouldn’t you agree?

How to wear a dress with sneakers over 40?

how to wear sneakers with a dress to work

If you want to look feminine, but feel comfortable at the same time, a cute spring outfit with a dress and sneakers is what you need! Pair a long below the knee dress in a leopard or floral print with your white sneakers. This look will never get old.

More spring outfit ideas with sneakers for mature women

trendy sneakers for mature women 2023

White blazer with black platform sneaks outfit

casual spring outfits with sneakers for older women 2023 ideas

Wearing a long skirt in your 50s with sneakers

spring outfits for women over 50

Perfect neutrals outfit to enjoy the warm weather

spring outfits with white sneakers for mature women

The rich girl look for women over 50

casual spring outfits for women over 50

Long gray dress with silver sneakers outfit

how to wear sneakers with a dress over 40 50

How to wear jeans with sneakers over 40

outifts with sneakers for older women

Elegantly casual spring outfit for women in their 50s

how to wear jeans over 50

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