What Are the Best Short Hairstyles for Plus Size Women Over 50: Try These Slimming Haircuts

by Kremy

What are the best short hairstyles for plus size women over 50? It is after 50 that it becomes more and more difficult to care for long hair, strands lose their former shine and become thinner. Yes, not all haircuts are suitable for you bit who says it’s hard to find the right hairstyle for curvy women? The truth is that there are so many options to choose from and we selected some of the best slimming haircuts that will also make you look younger! Choose the one that you like the most!

Slimming Short Hairstyles for Plus Size Women Over 50: Which Haircuts Are Flattering and Which Ones To Avoid?

which haircuts are flattering for curvy women over 50 and which ones to avoid

Before looking at the best short hairstyles for plus size women over 50, let’s say what you need to avoid. Every lady knows that the right haircut always emphasizes the advantages of the face and conceals its flaws. Whether you choose a low maintenance haircut, chin length or short hairstyle, it should visually slim your face and make you look younger and more attractive. Always take into account your hair texture, face shape and other details that affect your appearance.

hair color is important especially for women over 50


Straight long hair should be avoided as it is not flattering for curvy women. Excessive volume is one of the common mistakes that curvy women over 50 make when choosing a hairstyle. Such haircuts make the face look even fuller. Of course, hairstyles that lack any volume should also be avoided because your head will seem disproportionately small compared to your body. Avoid hairstyles with volume near the cheeks as they will make your face larger than it actually is.

short bob with bangs for plus size women over 50

Hair color is just as important, especially for women over 50. Avoid dyeing your hair in a solid color. Opt for one of the many balayage and highlights techniques. This will create an additional volume effect even on graying and thin hair and will divert the attention from the features of the face.

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The Best Short Hairstyles for Plus Size Women Over 50: Pixie Haircut Variations

the best short hairstyles for plus size women over 50 pixie haircut variations

The pixie comes in so many variations, it is a fantastic, low maintenance short haircut for women of all ages. One of the major advantages of pixie haircuts is that they bring out facial features and make women look younger.

Classic Pixie Cut

spiked pixie short haircut for plus size women over 50

The classic haircut always makes mature ladies look ultra modern and younger. If you are looking for a rejuvenating hairstyle – go for a Pixie! Salt and pepper hair is a huge trend and looks really great on short hair and makes it look chic and funky.

Long Pixie with Side Bangs

long pixie with side bangs flattering hairstyles for plus size women

One of the most flattering pixie hairstyles for plus size women is the long pixie with bangs. The longer strands of the bangs are perfect for hiding facial flaws and wrinkles. Side bangs give originality to the hairstyle, emphasize your individuality and due to the asymmetry, the face shape looks more oval instead of round.

Pixie Bob

pixie bob haircut for mature women plus size ladies hairstyles

Pixie Bob combines two classic haircuts and many women are not sure how to distinguish them. The main difference is that the pixie bob is shorter at the nape area. The hairstyle goes well with different types of bangs and is very charming, playful and flattering to women over 50. Long side bangs are most suitable for plus size ladies.

Short Bob Haircuts for Curvy Women Over 50

slimming haircuts for plus size woemn over 50 to look younger

Short bob hairstyles for plus size women over 50 are among the best ones that flatter chubby faces.

Short bob with bangs

short bob haircuts for curvy women over 50

A simple bob haircut combined with bangs styled on one side looks stylish and makes the face thinner. This hairstyle takes years from the face and looks great on curvy women over 50.

Asymmetrical Bob 2023: Beautiful Haircut for Curvy Women

asymmetrical bob 2023 beautiful haircut for curvy women

Another trendy short haircut for curvy women is the asymmetrical bob. It is suitable for all hair types. The transition from short to long hair makes this the asymmetrical bob the perfect choice for plus size women over 50. It is easy to style, very elegant and feminine.

Wavy bob

wavy bob for plus size women

A wavy bob looks good on almost every woman regardless of her age. It is feminine, elegant and can be styled in minutes.

Layered bob

layered bob flattering plus size haircuts

Layered haircuts are very popular for different hair lengths and are a great choice for women over 50. The layers minimize the roundness of the face and the haircut looks great on different hair types and textures.

Inverted bob

inverted bob hairstyle fo women over 50

This is the perfect haircut for curvy ladies as it emphasizes their advantages in a very flattering way. It has the elements of asymmetry, which makes it original and dynamic. Bangs are a good option as they add to the style of the haircut and cover forehead wrinkles.

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