3 benefits to boost your immune system: How a cold shower a day keeps the doctor away

by Kristiyana

Are you looking for a way to boost your immune system? Are you tired of taking different supplements in order to do it, and want to now focus on a more natural approach? What if I could tell you that there is an easy and natural method you can try for yourself at home that can rapidly improve your health? You probably have heard of the cold shower practice and the numerous benefits it can have for the condition of your wellbeing. What to find out what they are? Then keep on reading to discover 3 cold shower health benefits that can help you boost your immune system. Or, to put it, how a cold shower a day keeps the doctor away!

How to boost your immune system with a cold shower?

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Taking a cold shower now and then, for health benefits, is not something that is new to this world. People have practised the cold shower method for ages, but it seems that just upon recently it started gaining more recognition. Why, you ask? Well, that’s all thanks to this practise’s biggest advocate, Wim Hof, also known as The Iceman. Lately, Mr. Hof has been getting a lot of attention from the public, due to the various cold shower benefits that he promotes. His own cold shower method, called Wim Hof’s Method, is a process many people have engaged in order to boost their immune system naturally. If so many have agreed to participate in this discomforting practice, can then there be some truth to the benefits of a cold shower for our health? What are they? Play close attention and see for yourself!

Cold showers can increase circulation in the body

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Before going further, I just want to inform you to always first consult with your doctor before trying out the cold shower method. It might promote numerous benefits, but it can also pose a risk for you as well.

Now, let’s begin by focusing on the first way in which the cold shower method can help you boost your immune system. Showering with cold water has been said to increase circulation. When we are exposed to it, our bodies switch to survival mode and our heart rate is increased. This results in an overall circulation in our bodies. Increased circulation clears your skin from blemishes and can make it look healthier overall. Getting a cold shower in the morning could serve as a great energy boost to start your day.

Help your immune system fight off common disease

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Another way in which the cold shower method can help you boost your immunity, is by building up your resistance against common illnesses. It is believed that the shock brought on by cold water increases the number of leukocytes (white bloods cells) in the body, which help you fight off common diseases like cold and the flu. Apparently, this process is related to the increased metabolic rate in the body when exposed to cold water. This stimulates your immune system’s response. Hence, regularly taking a cold shower is just the home treatment against flu that you need!

Reduce stress, which leads to an improved health

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Maintaining high levels of stress for a long period of time can have negative effects on your body. When you live in a busy world as ours, it is not uncommon to deal with a lot of stressful situations on a daily basis. Once way in which you can reduce your cortisol (the stress hormone) is by regularly taking cold showers. According to Mr. Wim Hof himself, establishing a cold shower routine will lead to a reduction in stress levels. This is because the shock of cold water to the body reflects in a small amount of stress for us, which leads to a “hardening process”. This process makes your nervous system handle stress easier.

How long should you cold shower for?

Better to always first consult with a specialist before you commit to a daily cold shower routine. In the beginning, start with 15 seconds of cold water at the end of your regular hot shower. Then with time, slowly build up to 2 minutes.

I hope this information was useful to you, and successfully introduced you to the cold shower benefits for your health. Remember, before you try it, be sure to speak with your doctor for their advice. Taking a cold shower is just one of the numerous ways to boost your immune system naturally. Keep a healthy diet, exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, get 7-8 hours of sleep and lay off excess alcohol consumption. I am sure that be sticking to these “golden rules” you will do just fine. Good luck, and stay healthy!


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