Pink Candy Floss Cocktail: Easy Recipe for a Sweet Party Drink

by Kristiyana

Wondering which sweet cocktail drink to enjoy during the hot summer days? Maybe something that is easy and fast to prepare? Find this simple recipe for a delicious pink candy floss sparkler cocktail!

Delicious & Easy Pink Candy Floss Cocktail Recipe

candy floss pink cocktail recipe

This pink cocktail recipe, topped off with candy floss, is perfect for anyone who enjoys sweet alcoholic beverages. Plus, thanks to the festive garnish, you can serve it on girls’ nights or any other party for a matter of fact. Cool yourself during the heat with the following recipe:

Ingredients for 1 pink cocktail:

• 3 oz/ 90 ml vodka
• ½ tsp. Amoretti candy floss flavouring
• sparkling water, to top off

To garnish:

• pink sanding sugar
• corn syrup
• candy floss

How to make it? 

First, you have to prepare your cocktail glass. Create a circle of corn syrup in a small plate, and dab the edge of a Margarita or Martini glass in it. In the same plate, create another circle, but with pink sanding sugar. Dab the glass once again in it. Then take a shaker bottle, and mix the vodka and candy floss flavouring. Shake well to combine. Pour the drink into the prepared glass. Top it off with the sparkling water. Garnish with the pink candy gloss. Serve and enjoy!

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Serving the Pink Candy Floss Cocktail for Parties

pink barbie cocktails recipes


What’s the best thing about this party cocktail recipe? Definitely the presentation. I mean, of course, the cocktail is on its own delicious, but the rimmed glass with pink sugar, topped off with pink candy floss is such a stunner. You can always add fruits like strawberries or cherries to make it even more appealing. Perfect to serve for Valentine’s Day as well.

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