How to Make the Famous Pink Squirrel Ice Cream Drink? Try This Super Easy Recipe!

by Kristiyana

What’s better than enjoying some ice cream on a hot summer day? Maybe an alcoholic cocktail that goes with it? Learn how to make the famous Pink Squirrel ice cream drink with this easy recipe.

How to Make the Famous Pink Squirrel Ice Cream Drink?

pink squirrel ice cream drink recipe

The Pink Squirrel ice cream drink is a wide-known cocktail in many clubs, especially ones located in the state of Wisconsin. What’s so great about it is that you can cool yourself down during the strong heat, and get a little tipsy at the same time. And who wouldn’t want that? Let’s figure out how to make it by yourselves!


  • 3 ounces/ 80 gr crème de noyaux
  • 3 ounces/ 80 gr white crème de cacao
  • 4 – 5 scoops regular vanilla or dairy-free ice cream

To garnish: 

  • heart-shaped or colourful sprinkles

How to make it? 

In a small plate, create a circle of sprinkles. Wet the edges of two coupe glasses and dip them in the sprinkles. Set aside. Now, in a blender, mix the creams and ice cream until they are smooth and uniform in colour. Pour the drink into the prepared glasses. Serve and enjoy!

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Questions Regarding How to Make the Pink Squirrel Ice Cream Drink

pink squirrel recipe


What can you use instead of crème de noyaux? 

If you can’t find this liqueur at any shop or supermarket, you can substitute it for Amaretto, or another almond liqueur. Crème de noyaux is an almond liqueur which is made from apricot and peach pits, so substituting it for a regular crème de almond would be a safe option.

Can lactose intolerant people drink a Pink Squirrel ice cream cocktail? 

As a matter of fact, each of the liqueurs that are used in the recipe are not made with milk, despite their name. They are given such names because of the thick and creamy consistency they have. The liqueurs should be safe to consume by someone who is lactose intolerant, but just to be sure, you can always research the topic.


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