Barbie Cocktails Recipes 2023: Celebrate the Movie Premiere with a Bang!

by Kristiyana

Are you excited about Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie movie? Looking for a way to celebrate the premiere on July 21st, 2023? Find 4 amazing and super easy Barbie cocktails recipes for the best Barbiecore party! 

Barbie Cocktails: Amazing Recipes for the Best Barbiecore Party

barbie cocktails recipes 2023

What is Barbiecore, you might ask? It is basically everything Barbie-related – pinks, glitter, sparkles, etc., anything that gives you Barbie vibes is Barbiecore. And if you want to add the finishing touch to your Barbie movie premiere party, then Barbie cocktails is the way to go! Here are some of the most delicious pink cocktails you will find on the net:

Famous & Delicious Pink Squirrel Ice Cream Drink

pink squirrel ice cream drink recipe


The famous pink squirrel cocktail would be the first perfect drink for your Barbie cocktails assemble. Its recipe includes ice cream, making it a perfect choice to enjoy during the hot summer days. Here’s the recipe for it: How to make the famous Pink Squirrel Ice Cream Drink? A super easy recipe

Barbie Pink Baileys Strawberries and Cream Cocktail

baileys strawberries and cream cocktail summer recipe

Or maybe you want to try a Barbie cocktail with Bailey’s strawberries and cream liqueur? This shimmery pink cocktail is just what you need to add some sparkle to your Barbie-themed party. Plus, you get to enjoy it with some strawberries dipped in white chocolate syrup. Just divine!

Barbie Cocktails: Barbie Pink Gin Cocktail Recipe

barbier rose gin cocktail summer recipe

Possibly my favourite Barbie cocktail recipe. It’s fresh, it’s hot pink, and the edible flowers just make it all the more girly and eye-catching. The Barbie pink rose gin cocktail is created specially to personify a Barbie doll –  pretty, sophisticated, playful and pink!

Barbie-themed Drinks: Pink Candy Floss Cocktail

pink barbie cocktails recipes

And for those looking for a pink alcoholic drink that is even sweeter, try the yummy pink candy floss cocktail! This drink will make you feel like you’ve fallen through a hole that’s taken you to Candy land. Should be close to Barbie land, right? Hope so.

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