What Is a Trash Polka Tattoo? Let Your Inner Rebbel Shine Trough!

by Gabby

Are you a fan of tattoos that can turn your body into a real masterpiece? Most tattoos have a certain meaning and a deep message that you want to show to the world proudly! What exactly are thrash polka tattoos? What do they symbolize? What are the best suggestions?

What Is a Trash Polka Tattoo?

Let me take you back to the early 2000’s when two tattoo artists in Germany – Simone Plaff and Volko Merschky, decided to create something different as they were inspired by rock style and rebellion. So they created trash polka tattoos, naming them after their favorite rock band The Trashmen. But what are these tattoos? These are some of the most detailed tattoos you can imagine and artist are normally using bright red ink and black to create them. Often the images of the tattoo reflect the fight between good and evil, or life and death. Very frequently you can see skulls, ravens, roses, clocks, etc. which are associated with the trash polka tattoo.

trash polka tattoo 2023 inspo meaning symbols

What Is The Meaning of Trash Polka Tattoo?

We believe that every tattoo can be interpreted in a different way, but thrash polka tattoos have something different in them. As we have already mentioned, they usually express some kind of rebelliousness, or the rivalry between the good and evil. The colors that predominate are red and black, which means that this kind of tattoo really stands out among the rest. People who make the decision to get them usually want to express some internal struggle they are having, or to preserve the memory of a loved one. Not long ago, people used to associate these tattoos with a lot of anger and negative emotion, but that is no longer the case. You can express other feelings that bring you positive thoughts.  With some thrash polka tattoos, people feel that they can remind them to take more care of their mental health and to focus on themselves.

what is the meaning of a trash polka tattoo


What Are The Rules of Trash Polka Tattoos?

If I tell you that there are “rules” in trash polka tattoos, then you truly won’t understand the meaning of it. There are no restrictions, the trash polka tattoo’s aesthetic is certainly chaotic and in a rock style. It combines realistic motifs and surrealism. Usually different, to put it mildly, strange drawings are combined, often people are given animal features or vice versa. The various subjects are presented as refracted through the prism of some artist who is deeply familiar with your state of mind. As you are already familiar, red and black are used to make a tattoo that both looks stunning and grabs people’s attention and shows a part of your soul. The skulls, animals, flowers, faces, etc. are positioned in a way to create a unique visual effect.

trash polka tattoo designs 2023 back men

How Will Trash Polka Tattoo Age?

Before taking the plunge and adapting a dramatic tattoo like the polka trash, you have to think about how it will age. You know that with years, the skin tends to get looser. Not only that, but the two main inks red and black, used in the trash polka tattoo, are knows as the ones that start to fade over the years. You have only one solution in that case! Do your research before choosing a tattoo artist and check the quality of the tattoos and the ink that they are using. Also, when you get the tattoo, you have to learn how to properly take care of it. Your skin should always be hydrated well, so it will not look loose and dry when you pass a certain age.

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trash polka tattoo design 2023 red and black on arm

Trash Polka Tattoo on Black Skin

trash polka tattoo on black skin 2023

Can people with black skin have a trash polka tattoo? The answer is yes, of course they can! Red is one of the colors that shows best on black skin. Keep in mind that it will not show as bright, but it will still give you the effect that you are looking for in a trash polka tattoo. Let your creativity run wild, or ask your tattoo artist for help, and choose the tattoo that will suit your skin tone best.

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Trash Polka Tattoo Designs 2023

trash polka tattoo design on arm red and black clock

Modern Trash Polka Tattoo for Men

modern trash polka tattoo for men 2023

Chest Trash Polka Tattoo with a Clock and a Crow

trash polka tatto on chest with clock and crow

Samurai Trash Polka Tattoo on Arm

anime trash polka tattoo designs 2023

Abstract Trash Polka Tattoo 2023

trash polka tattoo on forearm

Trash Polka Tattoo with Animal Motifs

trash polka tattoo with animal motifs

Sleeve Trash Polka Tattoo Design 2023

trash polka tattoo sleeve designs ideas 2023

Trash Polka Tattoo Style to Copy in 2023

trash polka tattoo modern art

Clock Trash Polka Tattoo on  The Forearm

trash polka tattoos clock style

Trash Polka Tattoo Woman Sleeve

trash polka tattoo woman sleeve rose

Trash Polka Tattoo Men Design Ideas 2023

trash polka tattoos for men 2023 design ideas

Calf Trash Polka Tattoo Design 2023

trash polka calf tattoo skull roses

Ideas for a Trash Polka Tattoos in 2023

arm trash polka tattoo for men design 2023

Chest Trash Polka Tattoo with a Crow

chest trash polka tattoo design with a crow 2023

Trash Polka Tattoo Anime Design

trash polka tattoo anime style

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