Ceramic Christmas tree – charming decorations with a vintage flair

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A ceramic Christmas tree decorating your mantel or table adds a beautiful vintage flair to your Christmas decoration and is a beautiful accent to any home. Those figurines come in different sizes and different colors and the first ceramic Christmas tree was designed by The Atlantic Mold company back in 1958 or at least the company claims to be the first one ever offering a ceramic Christmas tree. However, this is not of great importance, since we will focus your attention how to choose a ceramic Christmas tree for your home or craft one by yourself.


How to choose the right ceramic Christmas tree for your home?

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When choosing a ceramic Christmas tree for your festive decoration you need to consider the size and the type as ceramic Christmas trees vary in origin, colors, type, lighting, etc. You can opt for a ceramic ornament with lights which will add a festive glow to your mantelpiece or table decoration. Some ceramic Christmas trees with lights come with LED lights while others are illuminated with a tea candle. Vintage figurines are especially valuable as most of them are handcrafted and a treasured heirloom. Those are often collector’s items and add a touch of classic elegance and the spirit of the times gone by to your Christmas decorations. Nowadays you can find sets which provide the opportunity to customize your tree so that it suits your preferences and work with the theme and color palette of your holiday decor. This can be a great Christmas craft activity for both children and adults and an original Christmas gift as well.

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The origin of the ceramic Christmas tree may be of interest to the people who are interested in high quality items. The market offers mass produced ceramic Christmas trees which were manufactured in China. Those are relatively cheap and you would not expect the highest quality. Check the label or consult with the seller, as the trees are not always sold with the original package labels.

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Ceramic figurines vary in size and the most popular sizes are 7- inch tree, 11-inch, 16 and 19-inch trees. The designs also vary in style, lights, ornaments, etc. The basic designs of ceramic Christmas trees look pretty simple but you can find models styled with angels, a star topper and additional decorations.

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Ceramic trees with lights are the most sought after designs. You can find various Ceramic Christmas trees lighting kits so you have many options to choose from. When choosing the lighting kit for your ceramic Christmas tree make sure it is equipped with the right amount of power to light your tree. Some ceramic Christmas tree models may be battery operated, and some models are manufactured as night lamps switched directly in the electricity network, so you have to check that the socket or the batteries are of the right type. The market offers many options for lights for ceramic Christmas trees which vary in shape, color and size so you can choose a per your taste and personal preferences. Many people combine a ceramic Christmas tree with other ceramic Christmas decorations – snowmen, houses, figures of people and create an adorable Christmas village.


Ceramic Christmas tree kits – Christmas craft ideas for handmade festive decoration

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The beauty and the vintage flair are among the main reasons for the popularity of ceramic Christmas trees with lights and their soft glow adds to the festive look of the home. Those who would like to personalize their Christmas decor and choose a ceramic Christmas tree kit need to check if the kit contains all the necessary elements so that you can have a handmade ceramic Christmas tree that you will proudly display. Make sure that your kit has a base, electric light, lights and a Christmas tree topper, which is usually a star.

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The base and the ceramic Christmas tree itself should be made of high quality clay and sold ready to be painted. Those are the visible parts of your decoration and some models come with details like needles, snowed branches, snowflakes or other decorative elements. Check for chips or cracks before buying you ceramic Christmas tree kit and, if necessary, change the kit. Before painting your Christmas tree wipe it carefully with a damp cloth or a sponge to remove dust and leave it to dry completely.

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What kind of paint and paintbrushes do you need for your ceramic Christmas tree? Usually kits come equipped with at least one paintbrush, but buying a few additional brushes with various sizes is a good idea and you will be able to paint the tiny details better. Large brushes are suitable for the base, for example, while smaller brushes are suitable for the ornaments and the delicate details. In case you have a ceramic studio near the place you live you may choose a firing glaze. However, ceramic studios are not really often found in neighborhoods so the option is to choose a craft paint which is sold in any craft sore in almost any shade of green. Acrylic paints are applied easily and the ceramic tree does not need to be fired after being painted. For a deeper and richer color, you can apply two coats of paint but before applying a second coat of paint, make sure that the first one is completely dry. An acrylic sealer spray will help you achieve the shiny glazed look of your homemade figurine.

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Trees with lights are also sold in kits, so check if your kit includes lights. Usually the lighting kit is designed depending on the size of the tree but the lights may differ in size and wattage. Enjoy the gallery below and get inspired by these magnificent ceramic Christmas trees!


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