Brave, unusal and creative Christmas home decoration ideas

by Kremy

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You do not feel like having same holiday decor year after year, do you? You are not the only one and we have prepared some wonderfully creative Christmas home decoration ideas to lead you the way of designing your own style holiday.

bold unusual beautiful christmas decorating


It does take some bravery to leave traditional colours for bright pink, purple or lime-green. You do not need to be scared, though. With some good taste and a bit of advice you can have the most artistic and unique holiday decoration. A few simple rules if you want to break away from standards – try to simplify and choose a simple motif or colour and repeat it in the house. Our bold Christmas home decoration ideas will show you examples of unusual but tasteful color combination and and artistic look to daily items and their transformation into magnetic holiday decor. Bright walls actually make holiday decorating easier. You could focus on areas that have a bigger impact – the tree, the table or the fireplace and be more minimalist in the rest of your house.

interesting color combination christmas decor

Bright and vibrant colours will lighten any room. You can have a gorgeous decor in pink or purple and use Christmas home decorations ideas for additional inspiration. A thick multi-coloured bauble garland can easily become your focal point if draped on your mantel. If you don’t have a mantelpiece to decorate, hang baubles on ribbons to the top of a mirror or hang them on the chandelier. If carefully measured the combination of purple shades can become a unique holiday table setting. Purple accents can be added to traditional red and green colours to add more effect. Who said that it is obligatory to hang stockings on the mantel? Why not gloves? Every decoration rule can be broken if you are bold enough to create something beautiful out of the limits.

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unique christmas decorating ideas creative DIY christmas decor

unusual bold Christmas home decoration ideas creative cristmas tree open books

creative Christmas home decoration ideas boots christmas presents

unusual christmas tree DIY Christmas home decoration ideas

using untraditional colours for christmas decoration

gorgeous bright fireplace decoration traditional colours

bold combination red and purple with evergreens

brave and beautiful use of colors for mantel decoration

inventive christmas decoration using traditional colours

bold unusual christmas tree upside down

bold use of purple shades

gloves on a mantel expecting christmas presents

interesting ornaments arrangement forming a christmas tree

home ideas bold pink tree

bedroom gloves hung on bed

home ideas unusual table decoration

multi coloured thick bauble garland

unusual and artistic


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