Cheap kitchen cabinets ideas – how to furnish your kitchen on a budget?

by Kremy

conemporary kitchen cheap cabinets ideas plywood with wood veneer

We shall give you some useful tips and ideas how to furnish your kitchen on a budget and find cheap kitchen cabinets. People think that cheap means bad quality and appearance and this is often true. However there are many ways to save money when we buy kitchen furniture without compromising on the quality and visual appeal and we shall give you some practical tips and ideas.

Whether you need cabinetry for your new home or you plan a kitchen renovation, the cost of custom made cabinetry can reach the skies. Every homeowner would want the best materials and best quality, but the truth is that we all have to work within the frames and limits of a budget.


Cheap kitchen cabinets ideas – choose alternative materials

laminated plywood pros and cons kitchen furniture ideas


Modern high-quality materials ensure the longest possible service life of furniture but when you are looking for cheap kitchen cabinets, you can opt for an alternative and still have beautiful and functional furniture, maximizing the opportunities for decorating your home. Nowadays various types of furniture is presented to the attention of the consumer and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some options:

affordable kitchen furniture ideas chipboard melamine

Melamine kitchen cabinets – this is one of the most affordable options as it consists of a mixture of decorative paper and resin glued on pressed wood. Cabinets made of melamine are easy to maintain, they come in many colors and, if you prefer a wood look, you will find some really good imitations.

Plywood with laminate finishing – this is another option that comes at an affordable price. Plywood is made of thin layers of wood bonded with glue under heat and pressure. A plywood board with an added plastic layer is laminated plywood and due to the fact that laminate has a plastic-coated finishing, and is cured under high pressure, this material offers a good durability. Laminated plywood is also solid, resistant to abrasion and moisture, it comes in a wide variety of colors and textures and easy to clean and maintain.

Plywood with wood veneer finishing is a variety which is an option for homeowners who prefer a natural wood appearance. Obviously, wood veneer is much cheaper than solid wood and due to the fact that it is made of real wood, you can have kitchen cabinets that have a unique appearance at a fraction of the cost of solid wood cabinetry.

Concrete kitchen cabinets – this is a great alternative that offers a chance to create a unique interior. The material is extremely strong, heavy and durable and you can add metal or wooden doors, depending on the design style and the visual effect that you want to achieve.


DIY Cheap kitchen cabinets ideas and modern interior designs

concrete kitchen cabinets affordable furniture ideas

It is not impossible to create a modern design by using cheap kitchen cabinets. Yes, you may need to do some of the work by yourself and get your hands dirty, but the good news is that you will not only save money. You can customize your interior and we shall tell you how this can be done.

affordable cabinets for kitchen plywood with wood veneer

Ready to assemble cabinets (RTA cabinets) are sold in many stores and are not of lesser quality than pre-assembled cabinetry of modular kitchens. You have to assemble them by yourself or, optionally, hire a carpenter or a professional to do it.

unfinished kitchen cabinets pros and cons affordable furniture

Unfinished kitchen cabinets – this is another money-saving alternative. You can stain or paint the cabinets in any color to match the overall design of the home.

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IKEA kitchen cabinets come at a reasonable price and offer a good quality. This is an option that gives you a lot of freedom as you can select your cabinets and have a custom kitchen appearance at an affordable cost. Again, you can assemble the cabinets by yourself or pay a little extra to have them assembled. Saving money on transportation is also possible, as you can transport the cabinets by yourself instead of having them delivered to your door.

contemporary kitchen ideas affordable cabinets options

One way to get cheap kitchen cabinets is to get a set that has been on display in a showroom. It is a great way to get modern furniture and you may need a bit of luck to get a good deal but it never hurts to try. Typically, the cabinetry displays that you see in showrooms are sold with all the equipment and gadgets and it is quite likely that you will get some extras like spice racks or pull outs, etc.



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