Beautiful Christmas decorating ideas with ribbons

by Kremy

Bright red ribbon christmas decoration

The biggest joy of the holiday season is decorating the home with twinkling lights, trees, garlands, candles, stockings, a deco mesh wreath and other ornaments of the holidays. Have a look at these Christmas decorating ideas with ribbons as they are one of the prettiest accent and always add festivity to everything.

Easy and quick Christmas decorating ideas with ribbons

christmas colourful decoration pyramides ribbon


Use ribbons to add more festive colour to your everyday items. Spice them up with red, green or create a multi-coloured elements. Christmas decorating ideas will give you a new and interesting view how to use various of them in various ways. Ribbons can be used to add colour to hard surfaces like mirrors, cabinets or picture frames. It’s quick, easy, and makes a big difference.

Time saving Christmas decorating ideas

Ribbons wrapped around lights

Attach ribbons to lampshades, curtains, tie them to your pillows. Make bows and hang special ornaments from ribbon, drape your mantel with traditional red and green or with shiny silver and gold. Decorate the dining chairs with beautiful red lines or use a broad one as an accent on your dining table runner. Use tiny festive strings as napkins rings or tie various ones to the candles. You can even tie strings to your favourite plush toys. Why not tie  to cookie cutters and hang them in your kitchen window. Tie mistletoe to doorknobs with traditional coloured ribbons or wrap the existing plant pots with bows. All these cute Christmas decorating ideas will bring more joy and will give your home a real festive atmosphere.

 christmas decoration ribbons cupboard glass doors

Renew old objects with various strings for Christmas holidays

multicoloured festive decoration ribbons


Hang Christmas ornaments on lines or bejewel your side lamp

decorating ideas bejewelled ribbons

 Use various ribbons to wrap the gifts or make colourful garlands

decorating ideas ribbons gifts and garlands

 Add Christmas joy to your table setting with traditional coloured ribbons

decorating ribbons table setting

 Make a ribbon centerpiece for your table or refresh your Christmas stockings

decoration with ribbons stocking and table

 Ribbons tied to daily items change them completely

present wrapping ribbons

 Tie a pile of gifts with a huge ribbon or make a beautiful ribbon rose

decorating ideas roses of ribbons

 Ribbons accent the Christmas festivity of the table

decoration with table accents

 Colourful ribbon Christmas table accents

colourful ribbon accents decoration

 Drape your mantel with ribbons or craft nice ornaments

draped mantel decor

 Decorate the dining chairs at the holiday table

red white decoration dining chairs


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