Splendid ideas for Christmas tree decoration with homemade ornaments

by Kremy

You want to have a magical and elegant Christmas tree decoration and you have run out of time for shopping? Of course the decoration is a matter of personal taste but if you unload you boxes from the attic and put on your pondering hat you will be able to create a unique and personalized Christmas decor and be ready for the holidays in no time.

 New life to old Christmas tree decoration ornaments

bejeweled decoration ornaments

A gorgeously decorated Christmas tree is the best way to welcome this very special holiday. If you are not a lover of multicoloured decorations there is no reason that you would not use the elements that you already have from previous years. Find your favourite ones and group them in colours, shapes and sizes and let’s start creating your splendid homemade ornaments.

Clever ideas for Christmas tree decoration

warm and festive homemade ornament old sweater


Nothing can be more personal than a homemade decoration. You will leave your touch to the most important – the Christmas tree. Get some glittering paint and draw swirls, snowflakes on your Christmas balls. Thus each one of them will have a boutique look. You can push your imagination even further and transform an old sweater into warm and festive Christmas tree decoration.

green ball ornaments

Homemade cookies are a perfect tree decoration but you need to keep them from the kids. Use salt-dough which is easy to work with and is not edible. You can cut our all the different Christmas symbols – snowflakes, stars, snowman, Santa and with some ribbons you will have the cutest tree ornaments. If you wanted a really personal decor do not limit yourself to colours, themes and styles – the holiday spirit and the family – this is Christmas all about.

beaded homemade ornaments

Colourful gems for homemade decorations

colourful gems


 Evergreens are easy to craft

evergreen ornament

A frosted pinecone with a huge ribbon is such a seasonal ornament

homemade frosted pinecone tree ornament

 A few red jingles completely transform an old glass ball

homemade ornaments jingles into a glass ball

 A magnificent drawing on ball ornaments

 drawing on ornaments

 Add some snowflakes to an old ornament to create anew one

snowflakes homemade christmas ornament

 Old family photos can be your personal touch

old family photos on christmas tree

 Salt dough is perfect for cutting various ornaments

salt dough shristmas snowflakes ornaments

 Glue letters on the ornaments to form Christmas greetings

Santa's Greeting paper letters tree ornament

 Sea shells and buttons – what a great idea!

seashell Christmas tree ornaments

Vintage Christmas tree homemade ornaments





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