Contemporary house architecture – Beyond The Hill by acaa

Written by Kremena Ruseva

contemporary house architecture beyond the hill by icaa minimalist home

Japanese architectural firm acaa has designed Beyond The Hill – a contemporary house architecture project which had to face the challenge of a narrow steep slope lot. Located in Yokohama, Japan, the project was finished in 2013.

Contemporary house architecture and creative solutions

contemporary residence beyond the hill by acaa community gallery

As the owner wished his family home to feature both a  gallery and office space, the contemporary house architecture project features a floating appearance. Having a gallery integrated into the living space would suggest that it should be open to public and architect Kazuhiko Kishimoto of acaa has come up with some really clever solutions. You shall notice on the pictures that the gallery is the only space on the ground. It features a rectangular courtyard, which is open to the sky and a wooden deck which is raised at about 1 meter. The deck nestles a bench and forms a wonderful open area for occupants to sit and relax, use it as an outdoor dining area or an external gallery.

Contemporary house architecture which opens to the city community

beyond the hill courtyard round bench gallery

Beyond The Hill is an example of contemporary house architecture which features minimalist design, strict lines and original space integration. The access to both living and working areas is via external staircases. The open plan of the house is designed with multiple levels and creates a dynamic feeling. The spacious modern is kitchen begins with a dining area and is equipped with a large counter table. The kitchen is situated on the second floor and is the largest room in the building, as it is used by one of the residents for cookery classes. The dynamic floor levels provide space for various number of people to sit down. Bedrooms are located beyond the dining room and one of them opens to a balcony while the other is designed with a raised platform and storage space underneath. A ladder assists the way to the roof.

modern residence design outdoor space gallery wooden stairs

 A modern residence that combines working and living space

contemporary house architecture wooden deck open space courtyard

The courtyard features the external staircases which lead to the living areas

modern patio design external staircases wooden deck area

 The round bench is a place for people to communicate or relax

contemporary house architecture ideas beyond the hill minimalist

The courtyard is open to the sky

modern home architecture beyond the hill centra courtyard opens to the sky

Living and working area have separate staircases

beyond the hill two floor modern home external staircases open floor plan

The modern kitchen on the second floor

moden minimalist kitchen wide counter beyond the hill by acaa

A wide kitchen counter

multilevel staircase kitchen dining room

The stairs provide seating place for various number of people

contemporary staircaseidea sitting area beyond the hill residence by acaa

modern minimalist house interior huge windows

modern home office minimalist big window desk

modern home large windows natural light

minimalist interior wooden platform ladder to the roof

contemporary home beyond the hill narrow steep construction lot

beyond the hill by acaa architectural plans




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