Decorative wall shelves designed by Paola Navone – the “Cocoon” system

by Kremy

decorative wall shelves leaf

Each of the modules designed by Paola Navone for the decorative wall shelves “Cocoon” will be a compliment to every home. As storage space is an issue in almost every urban dwelling as well as living space size, this exceptional offer solves the problem. The project was developed for Ideal Form Team.

A gorgeous example for decorative wall shelves

modern black white design decorative wall shelves


The manifacturer, Ideal Form Team, who is producing the “Cocoon” shelving system, offers optional matching laminate backs and doors. The decorative wall shelves are known for the curved plywood, steel base and internal aluminum shelves as well as wenge or white ribbed effect laminate finishes. You can have it customized as per your own taste since the front and back doors can be digitally imprinted with roses, leaves, laces motifs and details or other contemporary patterns such as graffiti. It will be up to your taste only to have the “Cocoon” system configured with or without doors and have your items displayed or hidden from sight.

Decorative wall shelves as an interior design

decorative wall shelves teenager room

The variety of colour schemes, materials, textures and shapes of the “Cocoon” system makes it very easy to blend it into your existing interior and have it one way or the other by combining storage space with floating shelves. All women will happily exclaim in admiration when looking at the rose motif. Teenagers can have it their way with the graffiti pattern. You may find it as best suitable for your living or dining room. One thing is for sure – those who like to leave a personal touch on their interior would be more than pleased to have these decorative wall shelves at home.

modern black white design aluminium inside

 Modern black and white design with aluminum handles

modern black white design aluminium handles


Working place with wall mounted “Cocoon” system

decorative shelving system wall mounted

Decorative shelving system customized for office use

decorative shelving system office customized

  Customized “Cocoon” shelving system for a laundry room

decorative shelving system laundry room

 “Cocoon” shelving system in purple tartan imprint

cocoon shelving system tartan imprint

Blossoming roses digital imprint

cocoon shelving system rose imprint design

Doors and backs of shelves digitally imprinted

cocoon shelving system rose blossom imprinted doors design

 Aluminium handles detail


Beautiful design in black and white


Black and white floral motif imprint

cocoon-shelving-system-black- white-floral

Curved finishing


   Customized “Cocoon” shelving system for dining area

cocoon shelve system black white design detail



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