DIY Industrial pipe shelf ideas – creative storage space in every room

by Kremy

DIY pantry storage system water pipe shelves

We have selected some unique DIY Industrial pipe shelf ideas. A shelving system is the perfect way to utilize an empty wall and a great idea for storage space in small rooms where conventional furniture will look too big and clutter the limited space.

Industrial style is increasingly popular and with some imagination you can make your own furniture to complement your interior design concept. One of the cheapest materials for DIY furniture which blends magnificently into the Industrial look is water pipes. You can find sets in hardware stores or use old pipes that were replaced. You can get those really cheap or even for free and make excellent shelves.


DIY Industrial pipe shelf ideas – affordable furniture for your home

DIY bathroom shelf wood and water pipes rustic industrial style decor


DIY Industrial pipe shelf ideas save space and offer the great advantage to allow you move freely around the room. You can use them as storage space or to display decorative items and accessories. Metal and wood are the main materials that complement brick or concrete walls, wall tile, etc. and these finishes are characteristic for Industrial style home decors. Where can you place water pipe shelves? The answer is very simple – everywhere. The installation is very easy and you can assemble a small shelf within a couple of hours or a large shelf during the weekend.

Iron pipe shelves can be installed in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, even bathroom. For example, in the living room your industrial style shelves can replace heavy bookshelves or indoor flower stand, in the hallway you can use one as a clothes rack or shoe storage and it is an excellent idea for pantry shelving which offers perfect visibility and quick access to anything that you need.


DIY Industrial pipe shelf ideas – step by step instructions for installation


pipe shelves kitchen storage ideas rustic industrial furniture

You can find numerous DIY Industrial pipe shelf ideas, where shelves vary in size, function, type of mounting, etc. Some are wall-mounted, white others are freestanding, so depending on your need, you can choose the type of your shelf.

  • The first step is to mark the area on the wall – the beginning and the end of the shelving system.
  • Screw the pipes by using 3-way tee, 90-degree elbow or other type of connectors to the desired length.
  • Attach the flanges to the end of the pipes and place the construction against the wall.
  • Use a balance to ensure it is straight and mark the walls to screw anchors. Drill holes for the flanges, inserting anchors, check if the shelf is level and fix it to the wall.
  • Place wooden planks and your pipe shelf is ready!

original DIY Industrial pipe shelf ideas

Look at these original and interesting DIY Industrial pipe shelf ideas which are not only an amazing stylistic addition, but also a very practical part of the interior. You can paint the pipes, you can use salvaged or reclaimed wood planks that will add texture, character and individuality to your room decor and use your imagination to create a unique conversational piece of furniture.



unique DIY Industrial pipe shelf ideas clothes hanger


rustic kitchen ideas subway tile backsplash pipe shelves

living room open shelves water pipes wood planks

live edge wood and water pipes industrial shelf ideas

Industrial pipe bookshelf rustic decorating ideas living room

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DIY Industrial pipe shelf ideas living room furniture

DIY industrial pipe shelf design ideas living room decor and furniture

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