Modern patio decorating – awesome DIY propane fire pit ideas

by Kremy

Diy propane fire pit ideas garden landscaping garden decoration

If you love sitting by the fire and spend lovely time with friends and family enjoying the twinkling lights or cook your dinner on the open fire this article will give you some really cool DIY propane fire pit ideas!

how to build propane fire pit outdoor patio landscape ideas fireplace

Like any fire pit, the propane fire pit is basically a shallow pit, surrounded by strong stone walls, which help to keep us warm and to keep the fire from spreading. This fact is important to prevent possible fires.

ideas how to build propane fire pit patio

Before you begin making your DIY propane fire pit, you have to be perfectly sure where you want to place it and that the chosen spot is suitable. The pit should be located away from overhanging trees, houses and flammable objects.

small patio ideas DIY propane fire pit wood benches outdoor furniture

Instead of stones you can use concrete blocks. Pit depth should be at least 20 cm, and the concrete structure above the ground from 20 to 40cm. It is true – gas flames don’t generate sparks or flying embers but you still need to be careful as the extreme heat can be dangerous for the siding.

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One of the advantages of propane fire pits is that you can opt for a portable option which is fueled from a small propane tank. This option gives you flexibility as you may simply move the fire pit from one spot to another.

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Once you have determined the desired spot for the DIY propane fire pit, mark the area and dig the hole. Build a frame which will determine the size of the fire pit.

Diy propane fire pit brick concrete patio design ideas patio deck fire pit

Pour concrete to create a foundation and let the concrete dry. Install the propane tubing and the regulator. At this stage, it is highly recommendable that you use the help of an expert.

how to build propane fire pit small patio ideas patio design

Your fire pit will need a frame of cinderblocks which will be the base for the stones. Arrange the appearance of your fire pit with decorative stones, or rocks.

DIY-propane fire pit ideas natural stones border garden decorating ideas

Choose the right furniture to make the garden or the patio even more inviting. Large rocks can be ideal to surround the firepit and provide seating. Elegant modern patio furniture will give the design a feeling of style. You could opt for a DIY project and craft a sofa or chairs from recycled wood or wooden pallets and this will add a lovely rustic charm to the overall design. Add colorful decorative pillows in vibrant colors to complement the firepit and the furniture and you will have a magnificent and inviting corner to gather with friends and family! Now you’re ready to test your fire pit.

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DIY fire pit garden design ideas patio decoration

DIY outdoor fire pit ideas cool patio designs

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