DIY Table runner made of burlap – romantic home decoration

by Kremy

diy table runners burlap colored yarn homemade decorations

Burlap is a really popular and cool stuff that you can use for creative home decorations with a romantic flair. To many people it looks kind of always the same and simple. We want to show you a way that you can spice up the fabric in just a few simple steps and make a lovely DIY table runner! The materials you need are some burlap and 5 reel yarn you choose according to your home interior colors.

DIY Table runner made of burlap – necessary materials

diy runners burlap colorful yarn festive decoration ideas


Unfold burlap. This is the basis of the DIY table runner. Cut the desired length of yarn. This, of course depends how big the surface is.

DIY table decoration ideas festive decoration runner

Make sure that the ends of the yarn are slightly longer than the runner itself.

diy deco runner ideas easy decoration

In this way the yarn added to the end will be a decorative accent. Place each thread of yarn on the burlap.

table runner DIY ideas decoration colorful yarn

You can leave it like that or sew the yarn to the base of the table runner so that the yarn can not slip.

table runner DIY decoration festive decor rustic style

Don’t you think that the result looks just wonderful?

DIY Table runner made of burlap – spread the fabric and measure

rustic decorating ideas flower arrangement burlap table runner

We would like to show you a few other interesting ideas for DIY table runners. Only your imagination is the limit. You can use color accents, as well as variations in vintage style with romantic lace.

creative table runners ideas DIY color template decorating ideas

You could spray paint various silhouettes on the table runner – flowers, butterflies, stars…. Enjoy yourself and create beautiful table runners for every occasion!

Burlap table runner with white lace in the middle

romantic table decorating ideas diy runner burlap lace

 Glue or sew white roses on the table runner DIY burlap

beautiful diy table runner burlap roses vintage style decoration

DIY Table Runner from burlap with blue accents

diy table runners burlap blue accents creative decor

 DIY Table Runner from burlap with a lace trim

diy table runners ideas romantic lace decoration ideas

festive table decorating ideas DIY runners burlap rustic romantic

DIY runner ideas cloth burlap floral pattern accent

beige lace table runner decoration ideas vintage style

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