How to make overnight curls? 6 easy methods to achieve the curls of your dreams without heat!

by Kristiyana

Surely you have thought about curling your hair, especially if you don’t have natural waves or curls. Those big, gorgeous curls are definitely something that a lot of girls strive towards with their hair. The fact is that using traditional styling tools like straighteners and curling irons almost always damage the hair. Is there a way to make curls overnight without using any heat? Luckily for you, the answer is yes! Make heads turn with your healthy and pretty hair by trying one of the 6 following curling methods without heat!

Braid long or short hair and go to bed


This is one of the easiest ways to get loose curls in your hair. Take a shower just before you go to bed and make sure you towel dry your hair. Then braid your hair in a relaxed manner. When you wake up, take your hair out of the braids and separate the curls by combing or brushing them with a coarse-toothed comb or brush.



Braid your hair as close to your head as possible, so you don’t wake up with a huge volume of straight hair. But if you are wondering how to get hair volume naturally, why not read our article about the 10 tips to help you achieve it?

Straw method for overnight curls


The straw method is an excellent choice if you want more compact and defined curls, but are hesitant to use a heat styling tool on your hair.

After washing your hair, towel dry it—the hair should be between 70 and 80% dry. Now take a straw, position it as close to your scalp as possible and start wrapping a small section of your hair around the straw. The sections you use for the overnight curls should be as small as possible. If you want to have big curls, you should use thicker straws. When you have reached the ends of the hair, secure it to the straw with a hair clip so that it does not fall out. Continue in this way until all your hair is wrapped. When you take the straws out in the morning, you will notice that your hair has beautiful, bouncy curls.

Beautiful overnight curls with a hairband


With a normal hairband, you can easily curl your hair while you sleep. This method creates more loose waves than tight curls. Just take a hairband and put it on as you normally would. Take small sections of your hair and wrap them around the hairband several times, depending on the length of your hair. When you wake up, remove the hairband from your hair and comb it through with your fingers. This will help you separate the curls in your hair.

Making curls without heat—T-shirt method


This technique is somewhat similar to the hairband technique, but the resulting curls are often much more sweeping and ring-shaped than the gentle waves in the hairband method. Take a T-shirt and twist it so that it becomes a rope by twisting it in on itself. Connect the two ends of the rope with a hair tie. You should wear it on your head. Then, starting from the front, pull up one section of hair and wrap it around the T-shirt.


After you have wound everything up, you should wait until the hair has dried before removing the T-shirt.

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Overnight curls—twists for short hair


You can make twists with a piece of toilet paper, a pipe cleaner or even clean cosmetic wipes. Because of the amount of work involved, this method is best for shorter and thinner hair, otherwise you risk getting overwhelmed very quickly.

Simply take a tiny section of your hair and, starting from the bottom, wrap it in the twist material so that it is completely enclosed. When you have reached the height where you want your curl to start, you should tie the twist in place. Repeat this process on the entire hair. Either let the hair air dry or use a blow-dryer with the heat setting turned off to dry it. Untangle any twists and separate the curls by running your fingers through them. With this method, you can create any hairstyle you want, from very tight curls to much looser waves.

No heat curly hair method with socks


Another creative method you can use to achieve the goal is to take an old sock, cut off the top and roll the rest of the sock into a chignon. But first pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie.


After you have made the sock chignon, take your ponytail and pull it through the hole, creating a large chignon. Hold it in place with a couple of hair clips. Let the chignon rest all night and the next morning you can undo it to get nice waves.


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