How to Bleach Hair at Home (for Dummies): The 5-Step Guide is Here!

by Gabby

Do you want to spice things up and drastically change your hair color? Well, you don’t have to go to the hair salon for that! You can simply do it yourself at home, but first you have to bleach your hair! How to bleach your hair at home? What should you know before taking this decision? What are the steps to follow and how to maintain your hair after?

How to Bleach Hair at Home (for Dummies): The 5-Step Guide is Here!

how to bleach hair at home guide easy for dummies beginners

First things first! What is the process of hair bleaching exactly? Let’s say that if you want to go from a natural brunette to a blonde girl, you have to bleach your hair first, because otherwise the light color won’t show on your dark locks. The hair bleach is a mixture between alkaline and oxidizing agent that are used to strip off the natural hair color. After bleaching your hair, you can use a dye with any color you like. This will ensure that the new shade will look exactly how you want. But, bleaching your hair is not all “unicorns and ice cream”. You have to know a few things before you do it yourself at home, since you are not going to be in a professional environment.

IMPORTANT: Things You Should Know Before Bleaching Your Hair at Home

Hair bleaching is a process that involves using chemicals, which automatically means that it will damage your hair and scalp. Also, it is hard to revert that process since it leaves your hair being yellow or sometimes orange. Keep in mind that the bleach contains hydrogen peroxide, which can be very damaging. Using it on your hair can lead to a frizzy, dry, brittle hair that doesn’t look good at all.

Also, another thing that you should know is that once you decide to take the plunge and bleach your hair, the maintenance process is one of the main thing that will keep your hair healthy. The bleached hair needs more attention and you always have to use the right products. Otherwise, your hair will not only look dull, but it will be prone to breakage.

Important: Women with fine or thin hair may not be suitable to bleach their hair. Think about consulting a professional, before bleaching your hair at home. This process can be quite aggressive for your hair, so you might want to avoid it!

How to Bleach Hair at Home?

Now, let’s get down to business! It’s good to note that this process takes a while, and you have to be well-prepared beforehand. It is not as easy as it seems, but if you follow the steps strictly, the results are guaranteed! And please ladies, before you take the hair bleach in your hands, be sure that this is well thought decision and you are ready for it!

Preparation Is The Key

Start by putting on gloves and old clothes that you don’t want to wear anymore. If the bleach reaches your clothes somehow (which is quite possible), you will not be able to use them anymore. You will also need hair clips, a towel, and the hair bleach. It is best if you remove all your bathroom rugs as well, if you don’t want the bleach to ruin them completely.

Sectioning the Hair Before The Bleach

You have to section your hair into squares, which will make things easier for you. Since you have to apply the bleach to smaller parts to avoid damaging your hair, the sections will help you be more precise.

how to section your hair before bleaching


How to Apply Hair Bleach?

It is essential to NEVER start from the root! You should always start one or two inches away from it and apply the bleach from the top, working all the way down to the hair section. Since we produce a lot of body heat, the bleach will be activated quicker. That way, if you start from the roots, there will be a color difference at the end. Once you finish with all the hair sections, go back and apply the bleach to your roots if you want. If you are planning on doing an ombre hairstyle, you won’t need to apply bleach to the roots, and that way you will minimize the damage.

how to apply hair bleach at home

Let It Process

Read the instructions in the box carefully and depending on what is says there, you should let the bleach process for a certain time. Usually, it should not take more than 20 to 30 minutes.

Rinse It Off Carefully

When you are done, you have to make sure that you rinse off the bleach from your hair completely with shampoo. Also, it is best if you use products that are designs for bleached hair. Make sure that you use conditioner, because your hair will need that extra hydration after the bleach.

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How to Maintain Bleached Hair at Home?

The maintenance is very important after you applied these strong chemicals on your hair. These are the tips to follow if you want a healthy bleached hair:

  • Avoid washing your hair with hot water. Instead, wash it in the sink with cold water, before or after you take a shower.
  • Always use products that are designed for bleached hair and that will keep your hair healthy and good-looking.
  • Don’t use too much heat when styling your hair.
  • You should try using hair masks regularly. They can be either homemade, or professional ones. My advice is to invest in a good hair product that will suit your needs.
  • You should cut your hair more often, if you want to keep it looking shiny.

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