How to Clean Flip-flops? Reach a Fine Look and Fresh Smell! Ready for the Pool or Beach…

by Snezhana Besarabova

These light and movable shoes are a classic summer footwear: easy to go with, flexible, and comfortable. But with all the constant walking and beach outings, they can get dusty and stained pretty quickly. Then, how to clean flip-flops to achieve a fine look and fresh smell for your pool or beach goings? Can you soak them in bleach?

Best Way to Clean Rubber Flip-flops?

how to clean flip flops scrub with an old toothbrush

Rubber flip-flops are simplest to clean. Their lasting material can handle a vigorous scrub without damaging. There are the tips how to clean flip-flops from rubber in the best way:

  • Soap-water solution: Start your action, taking a bucket filled with warm water, adding just a few drops of mild detergent. Stir well to receive a good soapy solution.
  • Brushing diligently: Take a mild brush or an old toothbrush, submerge it into the solution and scrub the flip-flops, concentrating on dirty spots.
  • Rinsing deeply: When you’ve finished your scrubbing, rinse them thoroughly under running water.

how to clean flip flops dry them on partial shade or on undirect light (1)

  • Drying in the shade: Let them air dry completely without direct sunlight, to avoid them fading or warping.

How to Clean Plastic Flip-flops?

how to clean plastic flip flops rub with a cloth dipped in water detergent

How to clean flip-flops from plastic, avoiding their damage? These shoes, although somewhat similar to ones made from rubber material, can have a glossier finish, which make them prone to scars:

  • Mild detergent with water: Prepare a solution from dissolved mild detergent into warm water. Do not use any abrasive cleaning means in order not to do any injury to the finish.
  • Soft cotton cloth: Do not utilize a brush in this case, but a soft cloth to slightly rub the surface of the footwear.
  • Cold water rinsing: Rinse off the detergent solution and residues with cold water.
  • Air dry in shade: Lay them flat in not a sunny spot and let air dry entirely.

What’s the Way to Clean Fabric Flip-flops?

how to clean flip flops with memory foam do not bleach

These kinds of shoes, that possess cloth straps, are able to collect dirt more easily, and might also harbor unwanted odors. So, it’s important to learn how to clean flip-flops from fabric deeply:

  • Preparation for cleaning: Be sure there are no loose dirt particles or other debris by shaking them out of the footwear or scrubbing with a soft brush.
  • Making soap solution: Mix a few drops of gentle detergent with warm water in a small basin.
  • Spot cleaning the stains: For coping with fresh stains, dip a cloth in the solution and slightly scrub the dirty spots.
  • Immersing in the solution: For a full wash, submerge the flip-flops in the solution and slightly agitate the water. Then it’s possible to scrub with a brush or cloth the stubborn stains.
  • Cold water rinsing: Rinse the shoes under running cold water.
  • Drying in shade on air: Press them between two towels to absorb most of the damp, and finally leave them to air dry. Do not place on heat or direct sunlight.

How to Clean Flip-flops with Memory Foam?

how to clean flip flops with baking soda from memory foam

Flip-flops from memory foam aim to provide exceptional comfort, but they demand a bit more caution when cleaning to keep their cushioning quality:

  • Preparation for cleaning: Shake off any loose dirt particles or other debris to prepare for the real cleaning.
  • Mild soap-water solution: Prepare your solution of warm water and a few drops of gentle detergent.
  • Slightly wiping off: Dip a soft cotton cloth into the solution and slightly wipe off the memory foam. Do not press the foam areas much.
  • Spot scrubbing: Fix on areas with stubborn stains, and with the help of a soft brush lightly scrub, washing with the soap solution. Be sure you do not press too hard.
  • Rinsing with care: Carefully rinse the shoes, making sure no much water is absorbed within the foam, as this can result in losing its shape or invite mold or mildew to grow.
  • Drying in a ventilated area: Press the flip-flops lightly between towels to absorb the most of the water. Finally, leave them to air dry in a ventilated place, without direct sunlight or source of heat. It takes longer for memory foam to dry.

Can You Soak Flip-flops in Bleach?

how to clean flip flops with a water soap solution

Bleach is useful when there is a need of disinfection of the shoes, as well as to whiten them, but it should be used carefully:

  • Always dilute: Do not use pure bleach, but mix with water instead. The best ratio is one tablespoon of bleach to one gallon (3.8 L) of water.
  • Soak for a while: Rubber or plastic shoes can be soaked for 5–10 minutes.
  • Rinse with cold water: Deliberately rinse the flip-flops with cold water to remove all the bleach residue.
  • Drying in shade: Air dry them in a shaded area.

! Do not bleach fabric flip-flops. It’s better to avoid bleaching, as it can ease the fabric and result in discoloration.

how to clean rubber flip flops rinse under running water

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