How to Get Your Home Office Lighting Right – Practical Tips and Ideas

by Kremy

The idea of remote working has already gained momentum worldwide, but it has gotten a new shape in this ongoing pandemic and become a way of life for people. However, while a well-organised and designed home workspace can ensure physical comfort, the quality and character of the lighting can reduce your eyes to bear such an enormous burden.

How to Get Your Home Office Lighting Right

Poor lighting in your workspace can reduce energy, dampen mood, cause headaches and eyestrain, which ultimately create a negative impact on your work efficiency. Thus, it is essential to have a perfect light setting to increase productivity. We have put together an all you need-to-know guideline to help you get your home office lighting up to the rigour of your job.

Consider Utilising Natural Lights in the Home Office

Consider Utilising Natural Lights in the Home Office


While creating a home office lighting plan, do not overlook the natural lighting sources. The natural light, coming from the window, skylight, or another transforming portal, has enormous benefits. For example, sunlight can produce warm lighting that improves the work environment and will help to boost your mood. So, it is best to place your workstation directly next to the window.

However, while positioning your workspace in front of the window can produce maximum light, it can negatively impact your eyes when looking outside or on the computer screen. In such cases, adding a sunshade and placing the desk perpendicular can balance without any distraction.

Place the Lights in an Indirect Position

indirect lights home office table lamps

To experience better illumination from home office lighting, avoid executing direct light. Direct light such as recessed light, ceiling fan light, chandelier, and pendant can create unwanted harsh glare and shadow, making it difficult to work. It can also lead to headaches and eyestrain.

Instead, opting out for indirect lights like table lamps, wall lamps, task lights, floor lamps, and accent lights is the best option to illuminate your workspace. These fixtures will help to brighten the whole space and bounce the light throughout the room without creating any undue glare. For wall lamps and table lamps – made with authentic Venetian classic glass – you can consider Sogni di Cristallo.

Make Sure to Include Task Lighting

workstation task light on the desk

For computer work, paperwork, or other focus-based intensive work, it is necessary to choose a well-dedicated lighting source that will leave the focus on what you do. A task light on your workstation can do even better for the late-night spent drafting, reading, or creating. It will produce a sufficient number of light sources without creating any glare and shadow. Hence, a lamp with an adjustable arm and dimmers is an effective option to adjust to the different tasks you get assigned. In addition, the task lighting will make you look best while participating in a video conference or meeting online.

modern home office lighting ideas

To conclude, once you finish planning the indirect light and task light setting, make sure to place some accent fixtures. Accent light will fill in with ambience lights and give a finished look of a breathtaking decoration.



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