How to optimize your countertop? 4 expert tips to have more space in the kitchen!

by Kremy

Many homeowners struggle with the lack of counter space in their kitchen. We’ve put together the top 4 ideas to teach you how to optimize your countertop and take advantage of every inch of space and create a space that works as hard as you do. Don’t worry maximalists, an organized counter doesn’t have to be bare. We also like a lived-in look that reflects the personality of the design (and the kitchen) or is made more functional by placing everyday items on convenient places. Read on to discover brilliant kitchen counter organization ideas that will suit your design preferences and cooking area habits.

4 tips to help you optimize your countertop

How to optimize your countertop open shelves

We all dream of ending our weekday meals with a clean kitchen, but is that even possible? Our countertops are often the worst offenders, already full of books and trinkets before we even begin the cooking process. Minimal clutter equals less cleaning time, as countertops can be sanitized easier, and a little optimization can make all the difference in keeping your kitchen in perfect order. A kitchen space may seem cramped, but there are several ways to optimize your countertop to make it larger and more convenient to use. Get inspired by these smart solutions to keep your countertop from turning into storage space and give you room to use it for its intended purpose.

Turn to IKEA for space-saving solutions

How to optimize your countertop Ikea kitchen storage


When it comes to getting essential vertical storage, nothing beats IKEA’s kitchen organization products. The famous store offers plenty of budget-friendly systems, and some are designed to be hung on walls so you can make the most of your kitchen’s unused vertical space. This hanging unit pictured above allows some of your frequently used items to hang above your counter space. It also makes navigating the kitchen easier by keeping cookware, dishes, and utensils within easy reach. When you want to maximize the space in a small kitchen, you need to consider the specifics of your kitchen. Take the exact measurements of the entire kitchen so you can imagine different solutions once you are in the store. Use your imagination and take advantage of original storage tips!

Add counter space over your sink

How to optimize your countertop cutting board over the sink

Do you have a small kitchen countertop? One of the most cost-effective ways to create more kitchen counter space is to place a large cutting board over the sink. This extra space is perfect for washing and preparing food. A super smart solution that won’t break the bank? Add some extra prep space with a cover for your sink. There are plenty of affordable over-the-sink solutions that will give you a little extra space when your sink isn’t in use – this one from IKEA Hack is very practical, in our opinion. You can really custom fit any type of wood depending on the size of your sink. Try not to buy supports that will be too bulky to store, but rather boards that can be easily removed and convenient to store in a cabinet.

Here’s how to optimize your countertop with clever pots and pans storage

optimize your countertop space Ikea kitchen storage

Now, there are many ways to design a kitchen layout. From galley kitchens to U-shaped kitchens, there is a lot of variety. But all designs will have the three main working areas in common. To begin, let’s look at the stove storage area. Optimizing kitchen storage is all about efficiency. When you are near the stove, what do you want the surrounding area to do? The stove is where the magic happens. This is where you spend time preparing food and transferring it to the table. Ideally, you would dedicate a cabinet next to the oven for pots and pans, and a cabinet for the things you use in the oven. To save useful space, you can install a kitchen cabinet narrow enough to store baking sheets on the side.

Work with unused space

kitchen storage optimize countertop tips ideas organization

We love how this small cottage kitchen keeps the counter clutter-free with several clever storage solutions. Below are our favorite ideas. The three toe kick drawers under the lower kitchen cabinets take advantage of the space traditionally wasted behind the baseboards. Adapt this type of scheme in the trendy 2023 kitchen colors. You can upgrade most standard base cabinets for toe kick drawers. A curtain rod creates a small vertical storage space for utensils in front of the window. And of course, we have to highlight the small pot rack which is conveniently placed next to the oven.



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