How To Wear a String Bikini? Find The Most Fashionable Ways!

by Gabby

Are you one of these people that think about the summer days already? I know I do! I keep making scenarios in my head, how I walk around the beach and the waves are tickling my feet, and I have a delicious cocktail in my hand… The summer days are really close, that is why we have to think about the bikini we are going to wear. Sometimes, it can be really tricky finding the right swimsuit. Today, we are going to talk how to wear a string bikini. Let’s find out how to look fashionable in the hottest season!

How to wear a string bikini? Check out the most fashionable ways!

string bikini how to wear them this summer 2023

You have probably noticed that vintage swimsuits are making a huge comeback in the past 3 years. Simple, high-waisted, one-piece bikini are among the top picks for the summer season, however in 2023 we are going to see something hotter in the trends! String bikini in all the variations are here and you are going to love it! Yes, these types of swimsuits are definitely for the bolder girls, who are ready to show more skin. But, I am going to show you some of the most fashionable ways on how to wear them this summer 2023!

How to wear a string bikini top?

metalic swimsuit trends 2023


First, we are going to talk about the string bikini tops that are one of the most gorgeous out there! One of the ways you are going to see them is with ties that can go around your waist. If you have fat around your belly area, I would recommend skipping on this one, because it can really emphasize this area and make it look even bigger. However, if you have a small waist and you want to show it proudly, you are going to fall in love with this swimsuit. How to wear them? Make sure you tie them around the upper waist area.

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How to wear a string bikini bottom?

swimsuit trends 2023 summer how to wear string bikini

When it comes to the string bikini bottom, I am not going to lie, it is a bit tricky to wear them correctly. It all comes down to your body morphology and how comfortable you are feeling. According to many fashion experts, they look better if you wear them as high-waisted. It makes your legs look longer and it elongates your figure in general. If you are like me and have problems with your lower belly area and have a tiny pouch, you can hide it that way.

how to wear string bikini swimsuit summer trends 2023

For the women who don’t have any issue showing more belly and love the long-waisted variation, you can also make it work! I recommend going for summer bright colors, which will highlight your tan and will not make your figure look kind of “cropped”. You can also find a cover-up that will enhance your look and make it even more trendy. Accessories are also super important, since this summer it is all about making bold fashion statements.

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How to wear one-piece string swimsuit?

one piece swimsuit summer trends 2023

We all know that one-piece swimsuits are the current hit among swimwear and they are are here to stay and slay! Most of the models that we are seeing have this cool retro charm with a vintage vibe to them. However, in 2023, we are going to see more and more modernistic string swimsuits that will highlight your femininity. They are not only super trendy, but stylish as well and will make you look like you are from a magazine cover, without a doubt! It is the perfect swimwear if you are going to a beach bar. If you just want to get your vitamin D out in the sun, I don’t recommend wearing it, because it can leave weird tan lines.

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