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In ground trampoline for the backyard is, without any doubt, a lot of fun for kids… and grown up kids! There is no need to explain what a trampoline is. Both adults and children know that this is a great way to have fun. There are different types and we shall look at the pros and cons of in ground trampolines which are suitable for installing in the backyard.


Is an in ground trampoline a good idea?

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In ground trampolines are designed to be installed at ground level and if you are considering to buy an in ground trampoline kit you should know that such a kit includes all the necessary parts for installation and support. An in ground model may come with steel frame, sometimes a wall, which are buried into the ground. Why this is a good idea? On the first place, it is a good decision when you want to blend it seamlessly into your backyard landscape design. Another reason to choose this option is that this is super fun for children and a safe way to spend hours of outdoor fun. In ground trampolines come in a variety of sizes and shapes – round, square, rectangular – and you can choose a size and shape which are suitable for the size of your backyard, whether large or small.


In ground trampoline – pros and cons to consider before buying

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It is essential that you have information about the pros and cons, especially when you have small kids as safety is always a prime concern.

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You will hear many arguments, some in favor of in ground trampolines and others against them. The truth is that if a person falls when jumping on an in ground trampoline, he can get injured just as he would if jumping on an above-ground trampoline. However, some children are often scared from height and feel safer on an in ground model. In addition, it is unlikely that a small child will jump too high so even if it falls, it will not be from several feet above the ground. It will be a good idea to consider a safety net to prevent injuries.

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In ground trampolines are a better option from an aesthetic point of view. They are almost invisible and you can arrange seating furniture around it where you could sit down and keep an eye on your kids. Of course, kids do not think about safety, but you should not allow somersaults or too many kids on the trampoline. Do not place it in proximity to outdoor structures, trees or other play areas. As far as safety is concerned you should keep in mind that the trampoline should not be used when wet as it gets slippery.

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An in-ground option is easier to use as it does not need a ladder to access it. The larger a trampoline is, the safer it is and the more fun it is, so when considering the shape and size, it is better to buy as large a trampoline as your garden area and budget will allow.

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Let’s look at the disadvantages of in ground trampolines and the considerations that you need to keep in mind. We already mentioned the safety considerations but it is our belief that safety is always on the first place and it is better to get a safety net.

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A major disadvantage of in ground trampolines is that they are stationary and cannot be moved like above ground ones so, basically, if you want to re-arrange your backyard, you have to keep that in mind.

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An in ground trampoline does not feel as bouncy as an above ground. If your trampoline is installed in a shallow pit there will not be enough air underneath it and jumping may be uncomfortable and it may feel like jumping on a hard surface.

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A major factor to consider is the maintenance. In ground trampolines require a good drainage system to prevent stagnant water in the pit which will lead to corrosion of the frame or the metal legs and parts. On the other hand, the mowing of the lawn may be more difficult as you have to manoeuvre around it. In winter months rain and snow can damage the trampoline, so you need to consider potential storage space.


How to install an in ground trampoline?

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When you want to install an in ground trampoline you can either hire professionals or install it as a DIY project. Following the guidelines below you can do it during the weekend.

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Step 1 – Select the location of the in ground trampoline and mark the area. Make sure that it is not too close to plants, trees or fence. Remember that you need a level space away from gas or water pipes.

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Step 2 – Excavation work. Dig a bowl shaped hole and measure the depth. The center should be deeper that the edges. The depth will depend on the size and the height of the trampoline should be equal to the depth of the pit. Make sure that the pit edges are level.

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Step 3 – Install air ventilation and drainage pipes so that the trampoline functions properly.

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Step 4– Place the trampoline over the excavated pit and make sure it is secured to the ground with the provided springs. Cover the edges of the jumping mat with the frame pads and secure the protective cover around the springs.

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Step 5 – Install a safety net, if you have bought one around the trampoline and with this, your trampoline is finished!



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