Inexpensive retaining wall ideas – creative landscape designs

by Kremy

DIY Inexpensive retaining wall ideas garden decorating ideas

We selected some inexpensive retaining wall ideas which will help you construct a garden wall which will be not only functional, but will decorate your front yard or backyard or divide your outdoor area into zones.

A retaining garden wall can be built from different materials and depending on the purpose and function some walls need to be strong and durable, which means that the materials for the construction have to meet certain criteria. However, when the garden wall has more decorative purpose, for example – to define flower beds, or divide the fireplace are from the dining area, you can choose cheaper materials and build it without spending a lot of money.

The choice of material depends on the style of the landscape design and, of course, your personal preferences and the budget. Very often the cost of materials does not differ too much, but you need to foresee the cost for labor as well unless you plan to build the garden wall by yourself which will reduce the price significantly.


Inexpensive retaining wall ideas – pros and cons of concrete

concrete garden wall modern patio decorating ideas


One of the most popular inexpensive retaining wall ideas is to construct it from concrete. Depending on the terrain of the site, a concrete wall can have a different height – from quite low – in 0.2 -0.4 meters, up to five meters. It can be constructed from poured concrete or concrete blocks. When pouring concrete you need to build a frame beforehand and this is a great option for curved walls. Concrete is a strong material so the wall does not to be really thick and this will save you money on the material. Pouring walls out of concrete is quite simple and does not require exceptional skills and experience. Very often, concrete walls are not the most attractive in terms of appearance and you will need a decorative finish to add to the visual appeal of the overall landscape design.


Inexpensive retaining wall ideas – why choose wood logs?


Inexpensive retaining wall ideas wood logs

Using wood logs is another creative idea for constricting an affordable retaining wall. Logs can be installed vertically or horizontally in the ground forming a wall. Generally, wood garden walls are considered to be the most difficult in terms of construction, but at the same time, one of the cheapest options. Wood species vary in price significantly, but you have alternatives – to use recycled wood from pallets, for example, railway sleepers, etc. The easiest way to erect a wall is the vertical installation of logs which are tightly fitted to each other to create a reliable support for the soil. These walls require a special trench with a depth of at least 40-60 cm, depending on the height. The trench adds to the strength of the wall but remember that drainage is a must. There are log walls installed on a layer of gravel but they must be treated with special protection against moisture. One of the major advantages of wooden structures is their visual appeal and beauty and their decorative value is undeniable. Wood garden walls can be used in landscapes in different styles – rustic, modern, Mediterranean, etc.


Inexpensive retaining wall ideas with gabions

durable and inexpensive gabion retaining wall

Retaining garden walls made of gabions are widely popular due to the low price and high efficiency. Gabions have many advantages compared to alternative materials. They are affordable, strong and durable, with excellent drainage capacity and easily transported and installed. In addition, gabions are environmentally friendly, you can use a variety of materilas to fill the containers and create a visually attractive wall. The low labor cost is another huge advantage, especially if you work on a tight budget.

Gabions are a container made of metal mesh with stone (or other) material inside. If the retaining wall is low, then it is possible to install it without a foundation on a well-cleared and prepared area. If the height is one meter or more, it will be necessary to dig a foundation and fill it with a gravel-sand cushion. Containers are installed and tied together. You can use different stone to fill the containers – flagstone, granite, etc – for more decorative appearance. To save on the cost, you could fill the front side of the containers with beautiful stone and fill the rest of the container with inexpensive cobblestone, pebbles or the same gravel.



small wood logs retaining wall cheap garden walls


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